How do I find residential properties

Real estate without a broker

Real estate without an agent: Find the right property

Do you want your own home and don't know exactly how to best go about researching the right property? In addition, would you like to reduce the ancillary purchase costs when looking for a property and therefore get by without an agent if possible? Interhyp presents you with valuable tips on how to find your new apartment or dream home.

Personal or social networks, portals on the Internet - there are many ways to find a suitable property.

Tip 1: Real estate without an agent - use personal networks

If you know where and what you are looking for, it is always worth talking to friends and acquaintances. Not all potential sellers have already published their offers through brokers or on the Internet. Sometimes you can find out about suitable properties through word-of-mouth information - without having to pay a broker. Contacts in the workplace can also be helpful. Some companies offer marketplaces on the intranet, for example for looking for an apartment. Even in clubs, the members often inform each other about interesting offers, for example via newsletters.

Tip 2: use social media like Facebook

Social networks offer a wide range. Publish the description of your dream property on your social media profiles. In this way, you can involve more people in the search with little effort.

Tip 3: Search on real estate portals on the Internet

Real estate portals such as, for example, provide an initial overview of the offers in the desired region

Offers without brokerage commission, but also offers with brokerage costs, are published there. If you only consider real estate without an agent, you can also search for a house or apartment on portals specifically for commission-free real estate, for example at There are also special pages for special objects. For example, you can find new apartments directly from the property developer at Neubaukompass.

Tip 4: Distribute your ad in the search area

This is how random hits come about: Simply attach pieces of paper with your contact details and the description of your desired property to surrounding trees or lanterns in your target area and distribute them on the bulletin board in supermarkets. In this way you can reach people who are not online savvy, among other things. Important: The sheet should definitely be designed to be conspicuous so that your target group does not overlook it.

The purchase prices on the respective property market

To get a feel for the prices on the local real estate market, current market data is very helpful - especially if you want to find suitable real estate without an agent. Here are some tips on how to get acquainted with prices in a cost-effective manner.

Tip 1: Real Estate Association Germany IVD

The broker association IVD has a database, which publishes a housing price index for around 370 cities every year. The data of some selected cities can be found here.

Tip 2: expert committees

The so-called expert committees of the respective cities also have meaningful data ready. As a rule, there is a standard land value information system (BORIS) for each federal state. In some cases, it also contains data on property prices. Some data are free, others are chargeable. Extensive data can be called up free of charge in NRW, for example.

You can find information about your state here:

Tip 3: reports from market participants

Most of the market data is available for the seven largest cities in Germany. The real estate agent Jones Lang LaSalle publishes purchase price ranges and purchase prices by apartment size and year of construction in the so-called Residential City Profiles for Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich and Stuttgart. The market report by the Berlin housing company GSW, which shows the prices for condominiums at the district level, is specially tailored to Berlin. The Empirica research institute, which calculates the prices for owner-occupied apartments as well as single and two-family houses (existing, new buildings), also offers an assessment. Data on the ten most expensive cities are published free of charge. Immobilienscout24 shows the developments in real estate prices with the real estate index IMX.

Tip 4: Real estate price databases from the media

For example, the real estate price databases from Capital and Manager Magazin are user-friendly with interactive maps. The portal can also be used for searches in smaller towns.

The online portal of Stiftung Warentest is also interesting: a calculator can be downloaded from the website that contains price data for 30 cities and 20 rural districts. The prices are based on data from the Association of German Pfandbrief Banks.

Appraisal of the property found

Brokers often have a good feeling for the fair price of a property. If you are looking for real estate without an agent, you have to do something different. A simple way to determine an approximate price for a property is the following rule of thumb:

Market price per square meter multiplied by the number of square meters of the property.

But that can only be a first orientation. If you want to evaluate the individual strengths and weaknesses of a property without a broker, it is best to use an online calculator. These are offered by Immobilienscout24 and Immobilienwert24, for example, and cost around 30 to 40 euros. Market value reports give a much more precise assessment. These are drawn up on a case-by-case basis by expert committees based, among other things, on price collections and site visits. A particularly important factor for the expected performance is the location of the property - that is, whether it is in an up-and-coming region or rather in an area with a forecast migration. Regardless of whether you are looking for real estate without an agent or with their help: Your personal life planning should match the forecast of the real estate value in the future.

Tip: It is important to know what budget is available before you start looking for a property. Those who seek advice on financing at an early stage receive security in this regard. And with a financing concept in hand, the seller of a property can also be better convinced. Interhyp therefore offers free advance advice.