What does Frogmore Cottage look like

This is what Meghan and Harry's new home looks like

Remote, quiet, peaceful and above all private - this is how the British media describe Meghan and Harry's new home. The Duchess and Duke of Sussex are due to move into Frogmore Cottage in Windsor in spring 2019 - just in time for the birth of their first child. The house is currently under renovation, because the building is by no means new. On the contrary: The Frogmore House was built around 1680 by Hugh May, the architect of Charles II. The renovation work on the venerable house with a large garden is in full swing. Although the Frogmore Cottage is currently completely covered in white tarpaulin, which keeps any renovation steps secret from the public, new details keep leaking out from other sources.

Frogmore Cottage: Major Renovation

The first photos of the house and its interiors made it clear: the building has nothing to do with a classic cottage. Frogmore has five bedrooms and is decorated with rich fabrics and expensive furniture, including valuable paintings. However, this noble appearance is apparently deceptive. The British tabloid "Daily Mail" says that part of the house will have to be converted from a long-neglected staff wing into a cozy family home by spring. Ultimately, the house should not only offer space for Meghan and Harry as well as for their first child and their two dogs, but also for a nanny and the security service. And for Meghan's mother Doria, who, according to rumors, could also move into Frogmore Cottage.

New home with a yoga studio for Meghan and Harry

The evidence that Doria Ragland could get her own area in Frogmore Cottage and soon commute between London and Los Angeles on a regular basis is condensed with another piece of news about the renovations: Apparently Meghan and Harry are having a yoga studio built in their new home. As various insiders told the British "Express", the royal couple is planning to make an entire floor into the yoga floor. The old floorboards on one floor of the house are to be exchanged for a special floor that is usually found in dance studios. The plans for this have already been approved. Should Meghan's mother actually live regularly with Meghan, Harry and their expected first child, she could soon give the small family private yoga classes - because Doria Ragland regularly works as a yoga teacher in Los Angeles.

Meghan and Harry: New home still has shortcomings

In addition to an elaborately designed new staircase to the yoga studio and new chimneys in the main rooms of the house, the house must also be equipped with the necessary security. Because the property, however noble it may appear at first glance, is not yet equipped for the royal residents, as there is only an iron gate in front of the property - with a sign that says "private".

And all of this is going to be expensive. The cost of the renovation is basically borne by the British taxpayer, because the work is financed through the so-called sovereign grant - money that the Queen receives from the government to finance her household and her work. All changes that go beyond the mere renovation should be taken over by Meghan and Harry personally. It is now clear: The conversion should cost around three million pounds, as the "Daily Mail" writes.

In a public announcement in November 2018, Kensington Palace confirmed the move of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex: "Windsor is a very special place for Your Royal Highnesses and you are grateful that your official residence will be there," it said Letter. Meghan and Harry celebrated their wedding at Windsor Castle in May 2018.

Various suspicions have been raised about Meghan and Harry's move that there had been an argument between William and Harry that led to plans to move to Windsor. In the Daily Mail, a royal source said simply: "The truth is that there is simply not enough space in Kensington Palace and that the two of them thought about living in Windsor even before their wedding. " However, the two will continue to do their work from Kensington Palace in London.