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Mobile photography: These 5 apps convinced us in 2017

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Smartphone cameras keep getting better and more powerful, so the right camera stays at home more and more often. It is not for nothing that they say: the best camera is the one you have with you. Above all, the quick post-processing of images with apps is a pleasure on the smartphone. Here we introduce you to five apps that should not be missing on your smartphone.

Smartphone photography continues on the rise

The smartphone industry is developing rapidly. The devices are getting faster and better: a brighter color display, a long-lasting battery and most importantly: the camera. In the meantime, the camera of some smartphones can deliver impressive recordings, photography in RAW format can almost be taken for granted and so even some digital cameras are defied.

Competition for all market participants

The camera manufacturers are also noticing this pressure. Nikon Corporation recently released an official announcement announcing the closure of its plant in the Chinese city of Wuxi after 15 years of operation. Up to now, digital cameras and lenses have been manufactured there for the Japanese manufacturer.

The perfect introduction to photography and image processing

Due to the steadily advancing developments in the smartphone sector, it is now possible for everyone to take an appealing photo with their own smartphone. Many photographers smile at their smartphone colleagues. Nevertheless, we recommend that you make use of the photo function on your mobile phone, if this is of course available. Even if you don't save the photos for your archive, you can practice and improve photo techniques and composition on the go.

Post-processing via photo apps

Post-processing of cell phone pictures is just as easy as taking a picture. The developers of such photo apps attach great importance to making the operation as simple and intuitive as possible. Users shouldn't work forever with complicated commands; instead, editing takes place within minutes with just a few clicks. The keyword photo app includes numerous applications that enable rudimentary to advanced processing steps. We introduce you to five of these apps in our article.

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Photography with the smartphone: the photo course for smart pictures here and now! (Photography al dente)

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