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Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Many children today associate Easter with Easter eggs, the Easter bunny, searches through the garden at home and gifts. But Easter is much more than that.

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The Passion of Christ at Easter until the Resurrection of Jesus

In Christianity, Easter is the highest festival. Although many families nowadays tend to focus more on the Easter gifts and the banquet, with this celebration the Resurrection of Jesus Christ celebrated.

The starts exactly one week before Easter Sunday Holy Weekwhich also marks the last week of the forty-day fasting period. The word "Kar" is derived from the Old High German term "kara" and means something like sorrow, lament or lament. Holy Week is known as Christian Week of Mourning.

The Holy Week presides overPalm Sunday a. Christians celebrate on this day Jesus' entry into the holy city of Jerusalem. Because the people then scattered palm branches on the Savior's path as a symbol of victory and life, the day is called Palm Sunday.

At theMaundy Thursday celebrated Jesusthe last supper of Christ with his disciples. It is not entirely clear where Maundy Thursday got its name from. It is assumed that the term either refers to the "greens", which meant penitents in the Middle Ages, to the color green as a symbol of growth and renewal, or that the word derives from the verb "to whine" (in the sense of weep ).


The Easter story in the Gospel of Mark of the Bible (source: bayernevangelisch)


TheGood Friday Nowadays many know it as a holiday on which dancing is prohibited in discos and no theatrical performances and sporting events are allowed to take place. On this day the Crucifixion of jesus thought, who was sentenced to death by Pontius Pilate and crucified in Golgotha ​​on the same day.

At the Holy Saturday for many Christians the forty-day period ends Lent. The Easter bonfires are traditionally lit on the night of Sunday. This symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus as the light of the world.


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Easter: The Resurrection of Christ

According to the Bible, three days after the crucifixion, some women went to the Savior's tomb to anoint the body. Since they found an empty grave, it is believed that Jesus rose from the dead on Easter Sunday is. The resurrection of Jesus is next to the birth of Jesus Christ the highest feast in the church.

At the Easter Monday the Savior appeared to two wandering disciples, who immediately set off back to Jerusalem to bring the good news to the other disciples. The forty-day fasting period, which begins after the carnival with the Ash Wednesday was heralded, as well as the whole Easter time depend on theResurrection of Jesus. Although the Easter celebrations are considered the highest-ranking festival in Christianity, Christmas Eve (as the birthday of the baby Jesus) is often given much more weight.


All information about the resurrection of Jesus (Source: Gerth Medien)