Why is everyone driving badly?

In the 1970s, the television program "The 7th Sense" explained to viewers why women are worse road users. They have no understanding of technology and are also fixated on their appearance. At least that's what the show said. Doubtful prejudices like this also exist almost 50 years later. But what does it mean? A factual answer to the question of who is better at driving a car: women or men?

Men in particular attribute good driving qualities. According to a survey by the online portal Statista, almost 28 percent of men, but only 17 percent of women consider themselves better drivers. But what does "drive well" mean? First and foremost, those who do not endanger or harm anyone and who do not unnecessarily hinder others drive well.

What distinguishes a good driving style

It is crucial to be considerate in traffic. According to Paragraph 1 of the Road Traffic Regulations (StVO), this is also legally stipulated: “Participation in road traffic requires constant caution and mutual consideration.” In this sense, good drivers may forego their own rights in favor of road safety. They also expect others to make mistakes and anticipate critical situations - such as a child who might run into the road or a car driver who disregards a right of way rule.

In 2016, 399,872 people had road accidents in Germany.

Women drivers are less to blame

But who drives safer? Women? Or men? According to the Federal Statistical Office, one thing is clear: female car drivers are less likely to cause accidents in which people are harmed. Among all female drivers who were involved in an accident with personal injury in 2016, 53.2 percent are the main culprit. This value is higher among men: According to this, 57 percent of the car drivers involved in an accident are primarily to blame for an accident resulting in personal injury.

Men cause more serious accidents

If one compares the driving qualities of men and women, the analysis of the consequences of the accident also plays an important role. How many road casualties are car drivers responsible for? How many of female car drivers? The 2016 figures show that if a man was the main cause of an accident involving personal injury, an average of 209 people were seriously injured in 1,000 accidents of this type and 12 people died. If, on the other hand, a woman is responsible for the accident, 185 people were seriously injured per 1,000 accidents with personal injury and 6 were killed.

More than two thirds of the fatalities are men

Statistically speaking, men stand out not only with regard to the cause of accidents. Men are also more likely to lose their lives in traffic. In 2016, 58 male road users died in accidents for every one million inhabitants in Germany. In contrast, significantly fewer women died - 21 per million inhabitants.

Women are the ones who show more responsibility. Among other things, on the subject of alcohol. In 2016, only 1,770 or 13.1 percent of those involved in drunkenness in accidents with personal injury were women. In contrast, men with more than 11,700 people who were drunk were clearly negative (86.9 percent).

76 percent of the traffic offenders registered in Flensburg are men.

Women drive safer

According to the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), drivers are more likely to be conspicuous than female drivers. "76 percent of the traffic offenders registered in Flensburg are men, 24 percent women," says KBA spokesman Stephan Immen. The answer to the question of who is better at driving a car is therefore clear: a lot of data - from the cause of the accident to the severity of the consequences of the accident to the influence of alcohol behind the wheel - shows that, statistically speaking, women are safer than men.

Regardless of this, the majority of the population does not believe that gender determines driving quality. According to the Statista survey, just under 66 percent of men and just under 72 percent of women are convinced: Neither men nor women drive better.

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