How much have you invested in Electroneum

Electroneum: How to buy Electroneum, the small, fine coin!

Decide where to buy Electroneum in 5 quick steps

  1. Choose one if possible reliable exchange to buy Electroneum from.
  2. to register At the selected trading platform.
  3. To verify Your user account.
  4. Place an order to Electroneum to to buy.
  5. Numbers and confirm the purchase.

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Buy Electroneum or not?

A look at the current Electroneum course does not necessarily mean that you have to buy Electroneum. Nevertheless appearances are deceptive now and then. Currently, the course is deeper than ever in its existence.

Thanks to the ICO at the beginning, the starting price was around $ 0.094, while it is currently at a level of $ 0.005. The Electroneum ICO began on September 14, 2017 and focused on the functionality of the cryptocurrency from the start. Buying Electroneum should be made easier for all those who are not familiar with cryptocurrencies.

The developers offer you an app for Android and iOS that lets you mine directly with your smartphone. The fact that this activity is in reality far from any efficiency and usually cannot be implemented profitably is elegantly concealed. However, at least the large-scale miners are held up with restrictions for ASIC and GPU mining.

Furthermore, simple wallet functions are integrated directly into the app. All of these properties are actually promising for ensuring currency growth. Since this has not been happening for a long time, as described, the question rightly arises when the upswing is due.

As with all other cryptocurrencies, be aware that high volatility can cause damage when investing in Electroneum. Jumps of up to 20% are often possible within a day, so you should expand your investment as much as possible.

The keyword here for securing your investments is the cryptocopy funds offered by companies such as the broker eToro. With this, you invest in the largest cryptocurrencies at the same time and are thus better protected.

Electroneum price development & price forecast 2021

If we look at the Electroneum course, we find that everyone who invested € 300 in Electroneum in December had a total of € 1,750 in January. The crypto market then collapsed and Electroneum is now back to the same level as in December. Hardly anyone does not assume that the crypto market will recover and as soon as this happens, Electroneum will with a high probability return to the level in January and even outbid it. In summary, this means: Anyone who missed their chance to buy Electroneum in December can repeat it now.

What's the best page to buy Electroneum?

If you want to buy Electroneum, the choice of trading platforms is very limited compared to market-leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. So with a little research you can just find one eight exchanges where you can buy Electroneum. The largest trading volume falls with around 90% on two providers. Buy Electroneum is therefore possible best via the exchanges Cryptopia and Kucoin. Above all, Cryptopia offers many different currency pairs:

  • ETN / BTC
  • ETN / USDT
  • ETN / LTC
  • ETN / DOGE
  • ETN / NZDT

Kucoin is there with ETN / BTC and ETN / ETH. You can also invest in Electroneum on the following platforms, usually with the ETN / BTC pair:

  • Bitbns
  • TradeOgre
  • Cryptomate
  • CoinBene
  • Liquid
  • Cryptohub

Our expert opinion: Prefer regulated providers

It is quite easy to trade with the leading exchange Cryptopia, as the company relies on a simple user experience and offers everything from mining to buying Electroneum. Basically, the opinions of the users are quite mixed - many are very satisfied, while others denounce the temporary absence of markets. Since this is a provider that has grown unexpectedly quickly, difficulties can arise from time to time. Not least because of this, our expert opinion is Prefer regulated brokers.

Often times, many exchanges are unregulated and therefore sometimes unsafe websites on which you potentially risk losing your money.

This is not the case with regulated brokers, which we introduce to you in our eToro experiences. They are essential more trustworthy and safer. In addition, you can only deposit with fiat money on most exchanges and not with PayPal, Skrill and Co. like with brokers.

Buy Electroneum: Payment Methods

Buy Electroneum with cryptocurrencies

When you buy Electroneum, this is usually only possible by exchanging it for another crypto currency. The easiest way to do this is thanks to the liquidity of the market with Bitcoin, which makes up the majority of trading platforms. But as listed in the trading pairs mentioned above, it is also possible to buy Electroneum with other coins.

Invest in Electroneum with credit card & debit card

The most traditional variant, which is also used by some exchanges, is primarily the credit card in addition to crypto currencies. It is a simple, quick and safe process.

Buy Electroneum with Paypal

Unfortunately, it is not possible to purchase Electroneum with PayPal. Only a few companies offer the payment method, but mostly the regulated brokers like eToro.

How to buy Electroneum in your country

Being able to buy Electroneum in different countries is associated with different hurdles. The regulations that restrict or even completely prohibit your purchase are shifting from nation to nation. Please refer to our article on taxes, which gives a complete overview of legal issues.

How to store your Electroneum Coins

To store your Electroneum Coins, you usually need a wallet. You can then safely store all digital money in this secure wallet. There are two things that you should be aware of in any case:

  1. Security: what measures? Modern standards? Online or offline wallet?
  2. Compatibility: Wallet compatible with coins to be stored?

Other ways to get Electroneum

Can I do Electroneum mining?

This is possible and, as mentioned above, can even be done with a smartphone. You can still use the PC, but you have to expect restrictions in order not to gain too much advantage over app users in coin mining.

Buy Electroneum: Our conclusion

Buying Electroneum is an excellent opportunity for everyone who has recognized the potential of crypto currencies and wants to bet on a simple, already working coin. Electroneum is much more modern than Bitcoin and a very young one Currency with immense future potential. The team behind Electroneum is doing a good job and has managed to attract several hundred thousand enthusiastic investors within a few months who want to buy Electroneum. A total of 122,000 of them even like the Electroneum Facebook page, which shows that there is viral potential when buying Electroneum.

Buying Electroneum has rarely been as cheap as it is now and immense price gains can be expected. If you don't want to buy Electroneum, it is advisable to take a look at IOTA. The German cryptocurrency has made big waves since it was able to win Volkswagen and Bosch as partners. Here is our IOTA buy instruction guide.

When you want to buy Electroneum, you have a few lesser known exchanges to choose from to do so. Thanks to their market share, Cryptopia and Kucoin are particularly suitable. Most of the time, however, you can not deposit with real money via Paypal or credit card as with eToro, but only have the option of buying via cryptocurrency. The lack of regulation of the trading platforms does not speak in favor of the exchanges, but in favor of the safe brokers mentioned above. Should you end up buying Electroneum, make sure that your exchange is a safe one and that your money is not at risk.

Electroneum FAQs

How will the Electroneum price develop?

Everything speaks for an upswing within a short or medium-term period.

Are offline or online wallets better options?

Offline wallets usually offer greater security for your data and your credit.

How high is the risk when buying Electroneum?

The smaller the cryptocurrency, the higher the risk. This is definitely the case with coins in the three-digit range.

Where do I keep up to date?

The usual channels in social media are ideal for this, whether it's Twitter, Telegram or Facebook.

How expensive is it to buy Electroneum?

If you buy Electroneum on an exchange, you are subject to the terms and conditions of the respective platform. Find out about potential fees in advance.

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