How do you approach writing a villain?

"Supernatural": This is how season 14 will be without (SPOILER)

The finale of "Supernatural" season 13 was tough: Dean was betrayed by Michael. And that with dramatic consequences: at least in the first episodes of season 14, we have to do without the older Winchester brother.

"Supernatural" without Sam and Dean? Absolutely unimaginable for the fans! Exactly the reality in season 14. But luckily it's not that bad, because somehow Dean is still there - well, let's say, at least his body. In the season 13 finale, the older Winchester brother was betrayed by Michael. He has now taken possession of Dean's body. Theoretically, Sam's brother is still there, but he is being controlled by the wrong one. And that will of course have a huge impact on that Events in season 14 to have. The scriptwriters were faced with an unprecedented challenge.

Big challenge

"It's really a challenge to write episodes without Dean Winchester. He's just a fundamental part of the show," explains "Supernatural" producer Andrew Dabb in an interview. "But it's also exciting for Jensen [Ackles] and us to have the opportunity to experiment with this new character." Thus, in the run-up to season 14, it was already clear who would take on the role of villain this time. "It's a challenge to find a new villain every season. You have to build that character. You have to find the right actor, and so on. Now that Jensen plays Michael, we don't have that problem."

A brilliant villain

"He's an actor that everyone loves and knows exactly what the show is about. He knows exactly who he is. And he knows exactly how to approach this character, "continues Dabb." He immediately presented us with a wonderful villain. That was of course already clear, but he really flashed us. "Sounds really exciting in any case. However, we can't really imagine how"SupernaturalFortunately, we don't have to wait much longer. Season 14 will start on The CW in October. When the new episodes will be on German television, however, is not yet known.

By the way, in Germany you can watch “Supernatural” on Sky1.