Is school right for me

More motivation for school: 11 tips

Long days of class where your legs fall asleep from sitting, stress with the teacher or stress in class and again and again learning, learning and even more learning, although your brain seems to be fighting back: everyday school life can be quite weary.

So what to do when all you really want to do is stay in bed and really sag and your inner voice keeps asking you what you're doing all this to yourself? These eleven very easy motivational impulses can help you - in searching for meaning, changing perspectives and getting new momentum.

  1. Make sure you understand what school actually brings you - both on a small scale and as a whole. Whether "I need the Abitur for my dream study!" or something as simple as: "You can make a great impression on the girls with the book quotes from German lessons!" - The main thing is that you make a few thoughts about your own Why.
  2. Stick with you small milestones for manageable hurdlesinstead of always wanting to conquer the whole mountain. These can be the simplest things, like "I'm going to show up twice in math today!" or "I want to make it to next weekend without missing homework or admonitions."
  3. Reward yourself on stupid days and plan too every now and then small rewards in advance. If you know that a particularly long and / or exhausting day lies ahead of you, you will thank yourself when you can take that little piece of cake out of your pocket with relish.
  4. Think, why you actually put so much time into your homework. Instead of just thinking about what else you are doing have to, consciously direct your gaze to what you are doing with it. "I still have to do my math homework for tomorrow!" does not sound very motivating. "I invest a little extra time in practicing so that the arithmetic is right and I can jump right through with what builds on it!" sounds completely different.
  5. Pull a short positive balance after each school day: What went well, was particularly beautiful or did you enjoy? Make a note of the most beautiful points every day. This is how you collect black and white evidence that you often have a good time at school - and on bad days you can read this to cheer you up.
  6. Do some research to find out which ones Careers Celebrities that you admire or had other role models. You will find out: Even if you have one or two dropouts - you would hardly have made it that far without the school.
  7. Remind yourself specifically of your enthusiasm for certain subjects or topics. Why is your favorite subject your favorite subject, why are you particularly interested and enthusiastic about it? If you show that many lesson topics are actually totally exciting for you, you approach them with a lot more momentum.
  8. Break out of the normal routine of study and homework and do something crazy. You can write your math homework in pink ink, read the vocabulary with a squeaky voice, or draw something funny out of each i point. The main thing is you provides variety and increases the fun factor.
  9. Think carefully: What would you be missingwhen you stopped going to school? What or who would you miss? Your list provides you with good and solid answers to the question of why you should go again tomorrow.
  10. Consciously question your daydreams and "escape fantasies". What would you do if you stopped going to school? How would you shape your everyday life? Then you do an honest reality check: What are the difficulties? What would get on your nerves, frustrate or drain you in the long run? You will find out: no alternative, no profession and no life plan is only rosy in the long term.
  11. Imagine being interviewed. The only question: What is the best thing about being a student? Name as many beautiful things as you can think of - and really just Beautiful.