Who is your OTP

Double security with two-factor authentication for HiDrive

In order to use HiDrive even more securely, you can additionally secure the login to your cloud with two-factor authentication.

Phishing, brute force and other attacks mean that hackers are increasingly finding out the combination of username and password and thus have access to accounts that are definitely not intended for them.

Two are better than one: personal password plus one-time password (OTP)

To ensure that your data in HiDrive remains permanently protected, you can activate a second factor in addition to the password. A one-time password (OTP) is then also required for registration. In other words: The combination of your personal password plus a one-time generated OTP ensures that unauthorized third parties are locked out.

In three steps to the second factor

Would you like to use two-factor authentication (2FA for short) in your HiDrive? There are only two requirements for this: On the one hand, a device on which you can install apps. On the other hand, the email address stored in your user account must be confirmed. We need them so that we can still grant you access to your HiDrive if you lose the second factor.

This is how it works in three steps:

1. Install the OTP app

The OTP is a six-digit number code. You can use various apps to generate this. We recommend FreeOTP or TOTP Authenticator, which you can also find in the respective app stores. Microsoft and Google also offer such an app.

2. Activate two-factor authentication in the HiDrive login

Log in under my.hidrive.com into your HiDrive user interface. In the main menu under “Administration” → “Settings” you will find the corresponding menu item. After you have activated 2FA here, you will receive a QR code.

3. Scan the QR code and confirm the OTP

In the last step, you scan the displayed QR code using the OTP app. The app now shows you the six digits of your first OTP. You enter this OTP in the existing field in the HiDrive login and confirm it by clicking on "Verify code".

You have now successfully activated 2FA. From now on, your username, password and the second factor (device with the OTP app) are required for every login to your HiDrive directory.

By the way: Activating 2-factor authentication is voluntary. You can activate or deactivate the function in your HiDrive user settings. This also applies to each individual user that you have created in your package.

Two-factor authentication also applies to protocols such as WebDAV

If you access HiDrive via WebDAV, SFTP and Co., the login is also secured with 2FA. You will find out exactly how the 2FA works with the HiDrive protocols in this help article.

Would you like even more security for your data in HiDrive? Then we also recommend ours End-to-end encryption.

HiDrive - your secure German online storage

With HiDrive we not only offer you the largest, but also one of the safest online storage in Germany. That is why security at HiDrive is also certified three times: The certificate "Tested cloud security" from TÜV Saarland, the seal of approval "Trusted Cloud" from the competence center of the German Ministry of Economic Affairs and the TUV certification according to DIN ISO 27001 for our data centers in Berlin and Karlsruhe.

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Update (3.11.20): Since we have received many questions about this, we have added the information that the activation of the function is voluntary and applies to each user individually.