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Make-up for children: removing stains made easy

Let's go - step by step

Step 01: Hands off! Under no circumstances should you rub children's make-up - otherwise you will only fix the color deeper in the fibers.

Step 02: Pre-treat the stain by pretreating it with a fat-dissolving stain remover, for example from Sil.

Step 03: Wash the garment in the washing machine or by hand according to the washing instructions on the sewn care label.

Finished! Check the result. Is the stain still there? Then repeat steps 2 and 3.
Tip from the professional: If there is no stain remover for direct treatment on hand, high-percentage, clear alcohol can also work wonders.

Removing make-up stains from children: Immediate help

Carnival, theater or children's make-up is specially designed to withstand exuberant costume parties: “sweat-resistant” and “long-lasting” are the sales arguments on the packaging. Children in particular like to exhaust these properties. Sweaty from playing, they sometimes grab their faces to wipe something off or to push a strand of hair aside. If the make-up then sticks to your hands, it's only a matter of time before it ends up on your T-shirt or skirt hem at some point.

So it's no wonder that you clap your hands over your head when you're at the carnival party Traces of black make-up on the white fairy costume Discover your daughter. How are you supposed to remove children's make-up stains from clothing if you can only take a lot of effort to get them off your face without leaving any residue?

Children's make-up is usually based on oils. Fat is insoluble in water - so if the carnival party is still in full swing, it is of little use to do damage limitation in the toilet with warm water. In the end, you'll just keep smearing the stain and making the problem worse. Better: Order a clear, high-proof schnapps, for example vodka - no, not to drink it and simply forget the stain. Gently dab the alcohol on the stain with a clean cloth and then rinse the area with a little cold water - this way you can usually contain the damage on site.

Removing make-up stains from children: This is how the costume will be fit for the next year

When you get home, you should continue treating children's make-up stains if possible so that the color cannot settle deeper into the fibers. Don't worry: the right hand movements and suitable products ensure that the stains are history in no time - and that in the gentlest way possible. So you can quickly devote yourself to the beautiful things in life and ring in the second round of the carnival celebrations.


For stains that are difficult to remove, such as make-up, dampening them with a small amount of detergent or stain remover before machine washing can work wonders. For example, Persil Universal Gel is suitable for white laundry, and Persil Color Gel for colorful costumes. As a stain remover, that is Sil special active foam against fat & oil to recommend. Give the product five minutes to take effect without letting it dry.

To wash

Then wash the costume in the washing machine. It is essential that you adhere to the temperature specified in the care instructions - you can find this on the sewn label on the inside of the garment. Too high a temperature can cause the costume to shrink. If you want to increase the washing power, you can use the Persil Megaperls® Universal or Color additionally use a stain remover such as Sil 1-for-all stain gel or Sil 1-for-everything stain remover - however, you should test the color fastness of the garment on the inside before use and study the care label: You can tell whether the garment is also suitable for bleach-based stain removers by the empty triangle symbol.