Cheats on my girlfriend on the phone

19 violent ways people have found out they've been betrayed

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And that's exactly why we're still single.

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community how they found out they were cheated on by their significant other. Here are the stories that shocked us the most:

1. This woman had a surprising Valentine's Day dinner.

“My boyfriend canceled my dinner together on Valentine's Day because he was sick. But since I had already reserved a table in a restaurant, I went with my father instead. And now guess who I saw in the restaurant with a girl from my chemistry class? My father rounded up the guy in the restaurant in front of all the guests. It was wonderful."


2. This woman learned the truth in the emergency room:

“I was on night shift in the emergency room when my boyfriend and his secret second girlfriend were brought to our home in a traffic accident. It sucks to find out about it at work, of course, but I didn't make a scene for him at the time. Instead, I just told him that I called his mother and that the 'other woman' was fine. His face went white as a sheet and he began to stammer when I left the room. "


3. This dog caused quite a surprise for his mistress when he went for a walk:

“I was with my boyfriend for about a year and we lived in the same apartment. One evening I had a big surprise because I was walking our dog and he pooped out a condom. It definitely couldn't be mine because I was on the pill at the time. Besides, we hadn't used a condom in about half a year. When I asked my friend about it, he just said: 'Be glad I used a condom after all.' "

—Suzannaho © The CW / Via

4. This woman learned from her attentive stepson that her husband was cheating on her:

“After I got home from an interview, I spent some time with my stepsons. The youngest son hugged me and I told him how much I love him. Then he looked at me and replied that Jenna loved him and his brother too. When I asked who 'Jenna' is, he told me that she was at our house while I was away. I then found out that she slept with my husband, invited her friends over and chatted my stepsons. The next day I packed my things and filed for divorce. "


5. This guy forgot his girlfriend was following him on Instagram.

“My boyfriend forgot I followed him on Instagram. He posted an ultrasound image of a baby with another woman. "


6. This woman put one and one together:

“I was being treated for cancer. One day I came home from therapy earlier than expected to surprise my husband. When I caught him in bed with our marriage counselor, it really hit me. She also wore my favorite boots! It turns out that my cancer was caused by HPV, viruses that are transmitted through sexual intercourse, among other things. My husband cheated on me for the whole ten years that we were together. "


7. This woman saw the news of her boyfriend's affair when she was using his cell phone as a sat nav:

“We were driving to another state for a week's vacation. It was one o'clock in the morning and my friend was sleeping in the car. I was driving and using his cell phone as a navigation system when I suddenly got a lot of messages from another woman about it. That puzzled me, so I did some research on his cell phone and found more messages, pictures, videos and calls from her. When we got to the hotel I confronted him about it, but he denied everything. I immediately packed up my clothes and took the first flight home. Of course I blocked him on all channels and never spoke to him again. "

—Sarahn41e750aef © ABC / Via

8. This woman got a pocket call and overheard a very insightful conversation:

“My friend accidentally called me while he was at work. He had his cell phone in his pocket and must have accidentally dialed my number because he did not answer as usual to speak to me. Instead, I heard him brag about all the women he cheated on me with. When I asked him about it, he got angry and completely denied the conversation. "


9. This man found out the truth on Instagram:

“I dated a girl for a couple of months over the summer. Shortly after we broke up, she had a new boyfriend. Less than a year after we split up, she posted a picture on Instagram for the two of them anniversary. Funny, because at that time we were still together a year ago. "


10. This woman guessed the truth when she drove past her boyfriend's house:

“When I was in high school, I wanted to go out with a friend. I texted her, but she had other plans and canceled. So I wrote to my friend, but he also canceled me because he was with his family. In the evening I drove my sister to soccer practice. The way there led past my friend's house. When we drove past there, I saw my friend's car in the driveway. I then texted my friend's sister to ask if my friend was at their home. She replied that the two of them went to the cinema together. "

—Somethingpunny © ABC / Via

11. This woman discovered photos of her better half on a BDSM site:

“I googled my friend's Tumblr username and found it was used on a BDSM website. So that I could see his profile there, I also created an account. So I went to his profile and couldn't believe what I discovered there, because his page was full of pictures of him having sex with another woman. When I confronted him about this, he even had the nerve to say it wasn't his side. To check that, I wrote to the other woman who confirmed everything to me. Only then did he come out with the language. "


12. This woman had an unexpected encounter in her neighborhood:

“One day I heard loud noises from the apartment above us. I went upstairs to ask the neighbor to be quieter. I caught my boyfriend with her. That was extremely embarrassing. "


13. This woman discovered her boyfriend's second Snapchat account:

“By chance I came across my friend's second Snapchat account on which he posted a video of another woman. Somehow he managed to talk his way out and I gave him another chance. A month later, I landed on this girl's Instagram and found pictures of my boyfriend. He wanted to lie to me again and said that he hadn't seen the photos, although he even commented on them. "

-Paulat453128d46 © ABC / Via

14. This woman learned the truth through a letter:

“My ex-girlfriend and I were in a long distance relationship. When I visited her once, I found a love letter from her 'ex'. But that wasn't her ex-girlfriend at all, because it turned out that the two never separated. We'd been together for six months and even traveled abroad together, but that didn't stop my girlfriend at the time from cheating on me. Her 'friend' who flew around the world to visit my ex was actually her partner. "


15. This woman found out that she was the "second friend" for two years:

“I was with my girlfriend for two years. During this time she has complained super often about her ex-girlfriend and even claimed to hate her. After we broke up, I visited my ex's Facebook page through a friend's account. She had set the status 'In a relationship' on her profile and linked her ex, whom she had always railed about during our relationship. I couldn't help but write to her ex - and apparently new friend - and ask how long the two have been together. She promptly replied that they had been in a relationship for six years. So the two had never separated and I was the secret second girlfriend for two years. "


16. This woman also found out on Facebook that her boyfriend is two-pronged:

“One Valentine's Day, I saw a post from another woman on the Facebook wall of the guy I went out with at the time. In it, she wrote: 'I can hardly wait to see you tonight, my darling.' In return, I also wrote on his wall: 'Well, you seem to have more than one date this year for Valentine's Day?' Without having to hesitantly, he deleted my post, which is why I wrote to him directly. All he had to say was, 'I wanted to go out with her, but then I realized I was in love with you. But then it was too late and I just couldn't turn it down! "

-Ivym480bf17d2 © ABC / Via

17. This cheater was a little quick with the thumb:

“My friend wanted to show my family and me photos of her newborn nephew on the phone. In the process, she accidentally showed us some messages between her and someone with whom she had secretly had something for months. "


18. This woman stayed on the phone:

“My friend accidentally called me when he had his cell phone in his pocket. I could overhear him making out with another woman. So that I could confront him, I stayed on the line and drove to him. I had a key to his apartment, so I went in and caught the two of them. My boyfriend tried to make you cool and deny everything. But when I showed him his call on my cell phone, he understood that I had been listening the whole time. The other woman had no idea that he had a girlfriend. We both dumped him and ran away. "


19. And this woman found out from her in-laws that she was fucked up:

“My friend's parents were visiting and invited me to dinner. They brought me a whole bag full of baby items as a present. It felt like Spanish to me because I was definitely not pregnant. I think my boyfriend told them I was expecting a baby. So his father called him to confront him. My boyfriend then confessed to him that I wasn't the pregnant girlfriend he told them about. I guess any of the women he cheated on me with were pregnant. How he could think that he would not be found if he told his parents about it is forever a mystery to me. "


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