What Are Some Good Professional Development Podcasts

The 5 best podcasts for your career

Whether on the go, doing sports or as a relaxed evening program: Podcasts can always be heard. We introduce five channels that will get your career going - and are entertaining at the same time. How important is networking in the age of digitization? What does it mean to be able to work from anywhere? And how will we live and work in the future? Here you will find a selection of the best German and English language podcasts with interesting and entertaining content.

1. New Work Stories

Basically a must-list is the New Work Podcast: New Work Stories. Particularly exciting because the podcast takes a very close look at the new way of life and work once a week. Finding future-oriented and meaningful work for the employee and making it clear to the employer how they can find and keep top talent: The New Work universe in a nutshell. The podcast covers all of these topics in a practical way. Where can I find the best employers, what benefits are there, how has the world of work changed and how can I benefit from it? How do I create the ultimate work-life balance and which employers support me? How do I make the most of my (work) life?

The corona crisis is changing the way we work. How do employees perceive their employers' handling of the new situation? Do employees feel well supported in the Corona crisis? Our kununu CEO Moritz Kothe asks himself these questions today in the new New Work Stories podcast. Listen now and experience exciting insights!

To the stream:

The current episode was published on April 22nd, 2020

2. TED Talks Business Podcasts

A must for all TED Talks fans: The popular lectures are not only available in video format, but also practically as podcasts for on the go. Entrepreneurs and business experts from all over the world speak here and share their extraordinary and inspiring stories. New episodes appear daily from Monday to Friday.

3. HR happy hour

Do you want to get a taste of what it is like "on the other side"? The best known and most downloaded podcast in the field of HR is HR Happy Hour. Here professionals are informed about the most important trends in human resources, management and technologies - not that uninteresting, especially if you are currently looking for a job yourself. The HR tech guru Steve Boese moderates in English and always welcomes exciting guests.

"Regular podcasts from the management with information." - Employer rating for dealing with the Corona crisis at Arntz Optibelt Group

4. BBC Thinking allowed

“Thinking allowed” - as the title suggests, the podcast is intended to encourage its listeners to think. The English-language BBC format, moderated by sociologist Laurie Taylor, covers the latest insights into how our society works. He dedicates himself to a wide variety of social phenomena and repeatedly touches on career-related topics such as work-life balance, new work and much more.

5. The Tim Ferriss Show

In every episode of his successful podcast, the author and entrepreneur Tim Ferriss speaks to guests from all possible areas: whether start-ups, finance, professional athletes or politicians. He not only tries to have superficial conversations, but also to learn the personal success tactics, tricks and techniques of his guests. Quasi by successful people for the listener. He first became famous with his book "The 4 - Hour Workweek". His goal now: to deconstruct top performers in order to make success tactics accessible to mere mortals. His guests? Arnold Schwarzenegger and LeBron, among others.

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