What is the unit weight of bitumen

Civil Engineering Reference
Which layer thickness corresponds to 70 kg / m2
Asphalt concrete AC 8 DN with a density
Conversion value = 24.2 kg / m2 per cm of layer
In order to precisely determine the installation quantities on the construction site
to be adhered to and to be able to constantly check,
you need to know how many m2 for each
The installation dimensions are 1 t.
How much m2 is 1 t at 70 kg / m2?
Which installation dimensions correspond to 8 cm As-
phalt base layer AC 32 TL, mix type B?
Conversion value = 22.5 kg / m2 cm
Installation dimensions = 22.5 kg / m2 8 cm
Asphalt mix is ​​determined by weight (t)
ordered and delivered, according to cm or kg / m2
Table 5.7.10 Conversion for the construction site
(Example details of a mixer) in t / m3 (g / cm3)
Conversion value of the construction site
for 1 cm layer thickness in kg / m2
The asphalt layers are glued through
Pressure sensitive adhesive or bitumen emulsion used in
Quantities between 0.15 and 0.5 kg / m2 to be
How many barrels of bitumen emulsion (200
kg / barrel) you need to inject a de-
Renewal of 6.5 km in length and 5.5 m
Width, if 0.4 kg / m2 is advertised?