S06E06 Is Benjen Stark really alive

We watched "Game of Thrones": S06 E06 - "Blood of My Blood"

Beware, there will be spoilers soon. If you haven't seen the final episodes of Game of Thrones, this text is dark and terrifying for you. If you read on anyway, the Lord of Light cannot help you either, nor can the Seven, the ancient gods of the forest, the drowned god, the god of death, the great stallion or even lesser-known gods such as the Weeping Ladies of Lys or the black goat from Qohor. Me nem nesa. All right?

After the events of the past week - sad keyword "Hodor" - one almost did not dare to turn on the television. Which darling would have to believe in it this week, which direwolf pulled from the sinking, only to decimate the direwolf population even more? Nothing like that, this episode gave me the chance to take a deep breath. No battles, murders, conspiracies, instead, "Blood of my Blood" focused on family reunions and a return to one's own identity and character.

Hi Uncle!

The circle of still living relatives of the hapless strong children was expanded to include two relatives believed to be lost: Uncle Benjen, missing since the first season, and Uncle Edmure, who has not been seen since his "Red Wedding".

To the north of the wall, Benjen saves the still "warped" Bran and Meera from the zombies of the north. Equipped with the practical fireballs of the children of the forest and some survival tricks, he has apparently settled in quite well in the north. His unhealthy complexion is hardly surprising, as he was impaled with various magic swords by both the white walkers and the children of the forest, as he says. Pleasant is certainly different. And it looks like it's Bran's fate that - trained or not - he stands in the way of the creepy Night King.

Uncle Edmure, on the other hand, reappears as a bargaining chip for the Freys, who are gradually facing a growing number of enemies in the river lands. They lost the castle "Riverrun" of their former liege lord to the rightful owner Brynden "Blackfish" Tully, as we learned from Littlefinger in the last episode. Now Jaime Lannister is supposed to put an army in order and come to the aid of the Freys. But you get the feeling that the Freys could slowly get upset. The north does not forget and neither do we.

Kings Landing in sparrow hands

Jaime also had an extremely unpleasant day at Kings Landing. Actually, as a radiant hero, he wanted to put the High Sparrow in his place and, with a Tyrell army behind him, free Margaery and her brother. But he is confronted with what at first glance appears to be a brainwashed Margaery, who has also led his son Tommen, the king, to the sect.

That was it for now with secularism in Westeros, religion and power have now merged into one sinister pillar. To put it very carefully: it will probably not end well. But is Margaery, who has been so tough and tactically clever to the end, really as religiously converted as she claims to be? And what will Cersei do now to get her last living child back on her side? Well, at least she and Jaime are again united in deep brotherly love.

Family horror

Meanwhile, the returned Sam has to face his demons. Introducing the new partner to the parents for the first time is probably nerve-wracking for everyone. But if your own father disinherited you at the last meeting, threatened you with death and sent you into icy exile, this situation is made even worse. Especially since Sam actually hopes that the parents will take in girlfriend and bastard at home.

The first dinner together is correspondingly pleasant. Charm bolt Randyll Tarly insults Sam in all possible ways ("fat", "bookworm", "not a fighter") and comes out as a vicious wildling racist. Sam is again cast out, Gilly and Baby initially accepted. But Sam remembers his inner strength and simply takes his small family, including hereditary sword made of Valyrian steel, with him in a night-and-fog action. It's hard to imagine that his father just let this shame sit on him.

Code name Mercy

Same time, different continent. In Essos, too, our protagonists are confronted with their past. Arya is still on a killing mission on behalf of the Faceless Men under the alias Mercy. The nice actress should believe in it, but Arya is Arya and does not bring about murders beyond her own "kill list" and moral ideas. That’s it with the last chance to become a faceless killer. And already Needle is dug up again. Welcome back Arya! And please watch out, the Faceless Men are now unfortunately after you.

Qoy Qoyi

Family reunification is also waiting for Danaerys. The lost dragon Drogon, who has seen a decent growth spurt, has returned to live with his mother. She promptly flies a lap on him and makes the entire Khalasar her blood riders in a rousing motivational speech. Nobody in Westeros has such an enthusiastic army. But what about the other two dragons? What happens to Tyrion, Varys and their "old" army? Will they be picked up on the way to Westeros? Oh yes, the question of the ship. "Who owns 1,000 ships?" Nobody at first, but Euron Greyjoy is currently building such a fleet.

Take a quick breath

So that was the breather sequence. We deserve it, we've already been through a lot this season, and the names of the next episodes also suggest a lot of drama, keyword "Battle of Bastards". The figures are in position for the next momentous confrontations and are internally hardened across the board and completely to themselves - with the possible exception of Tommen and Margaery.

Bran's visions are also very interesting: several impressions of the White Walker Army moving further south and a look at the murder of Mad King Aerys by Jaime. What does that mean? Does the fan theory come into play here that Bran, similar to Hodor, is also responsible for the madness of the last Targaryen king through a time travel mischief? And a question for the book readers: Is Benjen Stark Coldhands? And how much did you get on the nerves of those around you with "Hold the Door" shouts at every door? (Anya Antonius, May 30, 2016)


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