Muesli with milk is considered a soup

Porridge, muesli or granola? - With the different breakfast meals you can quickly get confused and lose track of things. After all, the variations mentioned are very similar and can often be found on the same shelf in the supermarket. Hence, in this article we would like to focus onthe main differences between these popular breakfast foods enter.

Porridge - For a powerful start to the day

Porridge is a classic oatmeal - that is, porridge that comes withhot water or milk is prepared. Compared to this breakfast classic, today's porridge is not just made of oatmeal. Current products often consist of other types of flakes, dried fruits and additional ingredients. Of course, the porridge can be made with additional additions likeFruit, nuts or coconut flakes can be added. The main difference to the other breakfast dishes is that porridge is usually eaten warm. It also has a soft and mushy consistency. In a previous blog article, we looked at theFood trend porridge busy - click here to read it.

Muesli - the classic among the breakfast options

Muesli is probably one of the best known andone of the most popular breakfast variations at all. It is available in countless different variants and with just as many different ingredients. In addition, it contains numerous important fiber, good carbohydrates and other valuable nutrients. Most mueslis consist mainly of oat flakes and, depending on the variant, are made up of other ingredients, such as different onesNuts, raisins, dried fruits, corn flakes or other types of flakes. In comparison to porridge, the most common preparation is made with cold or neutral milk. Accordingly, the consistency of muesli is also much firmer and meatier in the bite. If you would like to find out how you can put together your own muesli, then click on the link to go to the corresponding blog article.

Granola - the crispy breakfast option

Granola is made up of oat flakes, which are baked primarily with honey, but also with other ingredients such as nuts or various spices. In this way arisecrispy oat flakes with a sweet taste. Of course, granola is now also available in many other variants and is also often part of conventional mueslis. Often you come across the term "crunchy muesli", which means theclassic granola is quite similar. However, these are often “lumps of grain” that are made with industrial sugar and are therefore significantly less healthy than classic granola.

Porridge, muesli and granola in comparison

The breakfast options presented here have a few things in common, but they differ in part in theirsPreparation as well as their taste. The good thing is that this way you can provide enough variety for your breakfast. Furthermore, you can expand your porridge, muesli and granola with any ingredients and so yoursindividual taste to adjust. You will also find a large selection of different porridges, mueslis and other cereals in our online shop.