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Rocketman: There's a lot of truth in the Elton John biopic

With Rocketman you can expect a film about Elton John in the cinemas since last week, the reality with some intoxicating Musical sequences actually seems to be escaping. Nevertheless, or precisely through this approach, director Dexter Fletcher manages to do justice to such an extravagant personality as the singer.

As lead actor Taron Egerton revealed to Collider in 2018, Rocketman is by no means an ordinary biopic, but rather a "Fantasy musical". The most important stations from the first half of the music icon's life are covered in a playful way.

The use of the songs in Rocketman

At the beginning of Rocketman we see little Reginald Dwight - John's real name - performing the song The Bitch Is Back in a flashback, which of course does not stand up to the demands of logic. In fact, the piece was only recorded on record in 1974, when the Briton was 27 years old.

Rocketman with Taron Egerton

In general, the director Flechter was particularly interested in the use of songs creative freedom taken out. In the film, for example, John and his future wife Renate Blauel perform well in the duet Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me, which appeared in the mid-1970s. In real life, however, John and Blauel didn't meet until the 1980s.

According to Taron Egerton, the creators of Rocketman wanted to emphasize certain events with the use of music and so specifically To stir up emotions. Stubborn clinging to real processes would only have been a hindrance.

This is how Elton John really got his stage name

In Rocketman, a scene stands out in which the protagonist looks for a Stage names and is ultimately inspired by a picture of the Beatles legend John Lennon, whose first name he uses from then on as the last name for his stage persona.

On the one hand, that sequence doesn't have too much to do with reality, because Lennon didn't play a role at this point. However, the creation of "Elton John" is really based on well-known personalities: it is a mixture of names Elton Dean and Long John Baldry, with whom the star once played in the band Bluesology.

Rocketman: Elton John and the relationship with his manager John Reid

Richard Madden in Rocketman

An important part in Rocketman falls to the manager John Reid (Richard Madden), who also in real life Elton John's lover was. Just as shown in the movie, the 5 year romance turned out to be quite turbulent.

According to the time, there should have been fights between the two from time to time. This shows a scene in which Reid slaps his partner in the open street in London, although said moment from Rocketman claims more of a representative character.

Rocketman implies that John was up to meeting Reid Virgin was what is true. As a result, the superstar didn't lose his innocence until he was 23, according to the Mirror.

In total, Reid served as John's manager for over 25 years and the men eventually parted ways under hostile circumstances. After John found his bank account was missing £ 20 million, he sued Reid for fraud (via The Telegraph). However, the singer lost the trial from 2000.

Elton John's close confidante Bernie Taupin, who among other things wrote the text for the Candle in the Wind and is played by Jamie Bell in the film, told Time that the portrayal of John Reid in Rocketman was overall very accurate.

Elton John's drug addiction and its appearance in Rocketman

The framework plot of Rocketman is marked out with a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous and in the course of the film we see the protagonist becoming increasingly addicted to both light and heavy drugs. When he is intoxicated, John even commits one Attempted suicideby jumping into a swimming pool.

Here, too, the makers of the work move in harmony with the truth. After the film was released, Elton John told the Guardian that some studios that were being discussed to produce Rocketman were doing the Depiction of sex and drugskeep it small wanted to. John, however, did not lead a life that met the requirements of the US age rating PG-13.

His suicide attempt also happened as shown in the film. In front of friends and family, Elton John fell into his own pool in 1975 on his Benedict Canyon estate, wearing a terrycloth bathrobe. Immediately beforehand he uttered the words:

I have 85 Valium tablets taken. I should be dead within an hour.

Elizabeth Rosenthal reported on the incident in her biography His Song: The Musical Journey of Elton John (via Ultimate Classic Rock). According to his own account, the singer only entered therapy for his addiction on the Larry King Live show in 1990.

Elton John and his marriage to Renate Blauel

Elton John has been openly gay for many years, but it is true that he was once married to a woman. The sound engineer Renate Blauel (played by Celinde Schoenmaker in the film) and he met in 1983 while recording the album Too Low For Zero, a few months later the wedding bells rang in Australia.

After four years, the divorce followed, which Elton John emotionally commented in a 2017 Instagram post:

I wanted to be a good husband more than anything, but I did Denied who I really waswhich plunged my wife into grief and caused me great guilt and regret.
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Since 2014 Elton John has been with his longtime partner David Furnish married, their son Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John was carried by a surrogate mother and was born in 2010.

Elton John's difficult relationship with his parents

Rocketman draws the complicated relationship between Elton John and his parents as the cornerstone of the singer's strong feelings of loneliness and sadness in his later years. Indeed, his father Stanley Dwight - a captain in the Royal Air Force - was often out and about and took great care of you hypothermic handling with his son.

This is documented by statements from John's mother Sheila in The Time, according to which Dwight always the Otherness worried his child. Between Elton John and Sheila, however, there was one from 2008 onwards 8 years of radio silencethe termination of which attracted a great deal of media attention. Apart from that, little is known about the relationship between the two.

Rocketman: The legendary appearance in the troubadour

Rocketman assigns Elton John's concert at the Troubadour in L.A. a central role in the entertainer's career - and rightly so.

In 1970 the entertainer was already a celebrated star in his home country, but in the USA the breakthrough had to be fought for. A single performance was enough for John, which supposedly started out bumpy, but then took on memorable dimensions. A person who was present at the music venue at the time reported in the Süddeutsche about Elton Johns Handstand on the pianoaccording to which the British had the whole world at their feet.

In what is possibly the most spectacular moment in Rocketman, Taron Egerton literally takes off at the concert. The biopic thus does justice to the magical appearance in a symbolic way.

Did the Elton John Rocketman portrait convince you in the cinema?