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Which musicians stand out in Munich? Every Monday we present the “Band of the Week” on the Young People page. Ten bands that have made a name for themselves in the past few months are now up for voting for "Band of the Year" - an overview:

We are regularly on the road for Pop from Munich: We stop by the concert stages in this city. We visit rehearsal rooms and comb the internet. That's why we usually know which bands will attract attention in Munich and which bands you will hear from in the future - you can read it every Monday in our “Band of the Week” section. At the end of the year we will go one step further. We have selected ten bands that caught our eye this year for the vote for “Band of the Year”. The Facebook vote will run until the end of January. Here is an overview of the ten bands:

Indie pop

The musicians know that feeling from their early days when they called themselves The Capitols: The mood in the Munich club is boiling electricity, young women are in the front row and languish at the front man, who puts on a decidedly cool staging; the dream of prepotent boys. What's new: Singer Matija, after whom the band is now named, is being carried through the hall in the arms of the fans. Matija is being traded as the next big Munich indie thing. The songs have hit potential, poppy melodies meet catchy guitar riffs - the love of the fans doesn't seem to be fading.
Photo: Rue Novelle

Soul-pop / singer-songwriter

"In order to develop further, you sometimes have to be alone." That says Verena Lederer, singer of The New Colossus, who can now be admired much more often with her solo project Klimt on Munich's stages. Melancholic melodies on the piano meet a soulful voice, smoky and also a little wicked, breaking, but still always safe. In order to develop further, you also have to take risks. This year, the 25-year-old quit her permanent job as a beauty editor to study music. Photo: Ar Hart

King Pigeon
Indie pop

The Atomic Café no longer exists. This is a pity. But time and again young musicians appear on the Munich stages who have lost their musical innocence in the former Britpop club and have been socialized there with the music they play themselves today. With King Pigeon that means: driving drums including bass, funky-scratchy guitar riffs, a somewhat roughened basic sound, melodic vocals and, above all, a lot of pressure and energy live. The musicians also tell some tricky love stories. Like back then in the Atomic Café - only here permanently. And that's good. Photo: Sebastian Menacher

Ni Sala
Blues rock

Suddenly the world is upside down. On the floor you can see the drums, the bass, the electric guitars, the musicians hang on the ceiling in this band photo. Or the other way around. A delusion, and that goes very well with Robert Salagean. Not so long ago he wanted to get away from Munich, away from stuffy Germany with all its obligations. He's long back - with new music and his new band Ni Sala, which makes this city a lot more exciting: post-globetrotter blues rock with expansive hippie phrases and fat guitar riffs. Photo: Luis Zeno Kuhn


Kilian Unger is everything, just not a punk rocker. As a singer-songwriter he calls himself Liann, he sings German-language songs, simple but poetic texts about his neighborhood, his friends, his childhood, his pubs. His appearance, his lyrics, his music - all of this makes Liann a figure who does not seem aloof. He brings a bit of a nostalgic Schlager aesthetic into the indie lifestyle. But you could also call it authentic - a value that record companies spend a lot of money on, a charisma that fortunately cannot be bought. With his song “Eismann”, for example, he touched the heart of Sportfreunde Stiller's manager Marc Liebscher, which was followed by appearances in the support program for Sportfreunde and the rapper Fiva. But his appearance at the “Sound Of Munich Now” festival was also acclaimed - also by Tobias, guitarist of the punk rock band Todeskommando Atomsturm. In itself he only hears punk rock, he says, but Liann's music, “it touched me”. Photo: Victoria Schmidt

Hip hop

Away from the wild guys image, out of the comfort zone. When after the third album - the debut record at Sony - the career chances of Exclusive were rated as low, drummer Christian Rehländer and bassist Markus Sebastian Harbauer started with the wonderfully stubborn hip-hop band Beta. A band consisting of guitar, bass, electronics and drums meets the aggro Berlin-socialized rapper Sebastian Grünwald. Funk licks, booming electro basses and guitar solos are just as much a part of the concept as raps and the arrogance inherent in hip-hop: “I'd rather have no style than your style”, is the first punchline with which it is Quartet breaks up and stirs up the Munich scene, spoiled by consensus, a bit. First and foremost, this is great fun and can be successful - in the coming year the attention will still be given to Exclusive who are now releasing another record on the major label. Photo: private

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Alternative pop

Fairy pop with spherical sounds. Melancholic alternative, fairytale and gloomy, loud and quiet, sweet and sour. Eliza's music combines elements that do not match at first glance - and yet a certain magic opens up with every song, provided you get involved. The focus is on singer Elisa Teschner. In one of the band photos, the singer is in a black and red lace outfit in front of a lake, lined with fir trees and a somewhat overcast sky - "Game of Thrones" sends its regards. This large-scale fantasy realm can also be found in music - and now has to find its way out of the labyrinth. To this end, the musician is relying on realignment: In the second half of 2017, the producer and musician were exchanged, the music now sounds more electronic. Accordingly, a lot will change apart from music in 2018. There should be a new look, promises Elisa. And the band name will also change, Eliza will then be called were here. Photo: Conny Mirbach

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Paul Kowol

The name change has not yet been completed. But since, in addition to Gerald Huber (Cat Sun Flower, Triska), Sportfreunde manager Marc Liebscher is now also taking care of the future of singer-songwriter Paul Kowol, it won't be long. Liebscher is a fan of concise band names, so Spunk later became the successful formation Ready, Go! And the successor band from List became Combo 50/50. This is worth mentioning simply because Paul Kowol should be remembered as an artist when his songs are played on the radio - and that will probably happen in the not too late future. Paul Kowol ensnares his audience with classic pop songs and exuberant love songs. The line he walks on is fine, he makes mainstream music that doesn't want to be anything other than that. But his musical level is high. He lets his singing tip over from singing to telling stories, you can't train something like that, you can't learn something like that. That is a basic feeling that is highly sought after. Recently, producers kept coming to a suburb of Munich for a few days to work on songs with Paul, to record songs. Soon it should go public. The last favorite band name: Paul. Simple and concise. Photo: Walter Hämmerle

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Hip hop

It cannot be verified now, but Swango is perhaps the most successful Munich band in China - at least in terms of the number of videos distributed. And that's how it happened: The three musicians from Swango played at the “Sound Of Munich Now” festival this year. The visitors listened to the rousing hip-hop of the band and wondered where the beat was coming from. On the left side of the stage stood the skill god Heron, a tap dancer and in this case a human beat generator. This has never been seen in Munich before, and neither have the guests from Hong Kong - international bands played at this festival for the first time. They took out their cameras during the sound check and shot videos of the rap pieces with the tap insert, which may have gone viral in China since then. But Swango is more than a musical circus act. Mänekin Peace, an English native speaker, is one of Munich's best rappers, flanked by acoustic guitar and tap beats, his exceptional talent comes into its own. Photo: David Weichelt

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Art pop

There is almost a year between these two moments: In January, the musician Chaem stood on the stage in the Muffatwerk, jumped barefoot across the stage as the singer of Flor and the Sea, a pop elf. Well, in December her first gig with her solo project. No, she is not standing rigidly on stage in her red dress - she is very present, but nowhere near as exuberant as it used to be. This is also due to their music, which is so tricky and at the same time rarely experienced in Munich in a modern way. Her electro-pop is crazy, she puts beats to the occasional piano sounds. No fast beats. Rather, Chaem tames the drum ’n’ bass beats and gently adds them to the harmoniously seeking chord worlds. And she also slows down her up-tempo song “Carrousel”. The exuberance is only hinted at, but in the end the melancholy remains. Photo: Christin Büttner

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Text: Rita Argauer and Michael Bremmer