Who should replace John Bolton

Trump appoints hardliner Bolton as security advisor

Washington (AP) - US President Donald Trump has appointed the controversial former UN ambassador John Bolton as his new security advisor, thus fueling concerns about a further radicalization of his foreign policy.

Trump separated on Thursday evening from the previous incumbent Herbert Raymond McMaster, whose replacement had been speculated for some time. After Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson was kicked out, the President made another spectacular personnel change within a few days, reflecting a policy tailored to his needs.

Bolton is due to take over the post of National Security Advisor on April 9th. Like the designated new US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, he is considered a hardliner in foreign policy.

Bolton is a sharp critic of Iran and has repeatedly spoken out against the nuclear deal with Tehran. His appointment sparked new speculation that Trump could reinstate sanctions against Iran in May, thereby sealing the United States' exit from the agreement, along with Germany, France, Great Britain, Russia and China, along with the United States and Iran belong.

The personnel change in the National Security Council also takes place amid preparations for a possible meeting between Trump and North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un. Trump had surprisingly announced his readiness for such a summit two weeks ago. However, the time and place are not yet known.

Bolton has repeatedly made very radical statements about the conflict with North Korea. In February he argued in a comment for the Wall Street Journal that the US had the right to carry out a first military strike on the isolated country because the regime's nuclear and missile program posed an imminent threat. On several occasions he was also very skeptical about the diplomatic possibilities of solving the crisis.

McMaster was considered to be comparatively moderate. Trump and he are said to have never got on well personally and the president is said to have been frustrated with his advice. In the past few days there have been reports of his replacement. The "New York Times" and others wrote that Trump only wanted to surround himself with advisers who contradict less and completely support a policy that is completely tailored to him.

According to the White House, McMaster's departure is a joint decision. McMaster has served the country for more than 30 years, it said in a statement. Trump highlighted his services to new partnerships in the Middle East, in the fight against IS and in the North Korea strategy.

The three-star general, who was still an active member of the US armed forces in the White House, announced that he would also be leaving the military in the summer.

Bolton is already the third National Security Advisor in Donald Trump's tenure, which has only lasted just over a year. After just a few days in office, Michael Flynn had to leave in the wake of the Russia affair after telling the untruth to Vice President Mike Pence.

Bolton's appointment came just over a week after Secretary of State Tillerson was kicked out.