Why is Itachi Uchiha so selfish


Living a Nightmare (地獄 の 中 で, Jigoku no naka de)

Sasuke can't believe what Madara is telling him. He cannot imagine that the entire Uchiha clan wanted to start a coup and that Itachi functioned as a spy and as a liaison between the Uchiha clan and Konoha. Madara explains to him that although he is part of the Uchiha clan, he was not informed about it because he was still too young at the time. But still it is true what he told him. When he then continues and tells Sasuke that his father, Fugaku, was the leader of the revolt, Sasuke is even more shocked. While Fugaku led the revolt, he forced Itachi to join the ANBU troops and thus obtain information about Konoha. But the opposite happened and Itachi provided Konoha with information about the Uchiha clan.

Madara says that Sasuke may not even be able to imagine how hard this time must have been for Itachi. However, Sasuke does not understand why Itachi betrayed his own clan and passed information on to Konoha. Madara says that Sasuke has never seen a war. Itachi saw many people die during the third ninja war and was just four years old at the time. He was too young to understand the war. But a war is like hell. This traumatized him and made him a peaceful person who hated fighting. He didn't want to see anyone die, which is why he put the security of the village over the continued existence of his own clan and its members, as he was sure that the losses would be less that way.

He loved the village as it was, with no clan conflict whatsoever. The elders, especially Danzou, took advantage of this and, thanks to this quality, manipulated Itachi to serve their purposes. You have given him the secret mission to kill all members of his clan, since only someone with a Sharingan can come up against a ninja with a Sharingan and kill him. Sasuke has an absent look, which Madara takes so that he wonders what mission it could be. He answers this with the fact that it was exactly the mission in which the entire Uchiha clan except for Sasuke was wiped out. Sasuke closes his eyes in sadness and sheds a single tear.

Madara goes on to say that he can't even try to imagine Itachi's thoughts and feelings at the time. He had an incredibly difficult choice to make. But for him the revolt of his clan was the worse choice, because it would not only shake the foundations of Konoha, but also the entire Empire of Fire. Other countries would take advantage of Konoha's instability and attack the country, which would certainly start a fourth ninja war. Many people would have died in this war, including those who had absolutely nothing to do with the ninja world. All because the Uchiha clan was so selfish and wanted to have more power in Konoha again. Sasuke can hardly hold back his tears when he is asked by Madara what he would have done in this situation in Itachi's place.

So Itachi made his choice and ended his clan's story. He didn't do this out of hatred, only because he had no choice. The suppression by the Senju clan and the resulting hatred of the Uchiha clan were the reason for the revolt and therefore also the reason why Itachi had to put an end to his clan. At the time, Madara herself was looking for an opportunity to start a war. He was neither on the side of the Senju nor the Uchiha clan, as both clans betrayed him. However, Itachi found out that he was still alive and went to see him. He offered to get his revenge on the Uchiha clan, but in return spared the rest of the village and the rest of the residents. Madara agreed to this as he saw it as his only option.

The third Hokage had other plans, however, because he wanted to try to come to an agreement peacefully with the Uchiha clan. However, time passed and his plan failed, so that Itachi was forced to betray his own clan. It was his duty to kill his entire clan first and then leave the village, accompanied by resentment. He did that duty, save for the fact that he made a mistake: He didn't have the heart to kill his little brother. After that, he made an agreement with the third Hokage that he would take care of Sasuke and protect him from the influence of the elders. Before he left the village, he threatened Danzou to reveal all the secrets about Konoha to the hostile countries if he put a finger on Sasuke.

However, he couldn't tell Sasuke the truth. He told him that the Uchiha clan was a clan that Konoha could be proud of and he gave them revenge as a target so that he could get stronger. He also begged the third Hokage that he would not tell Sasuke the truth either, because Itachi had planned from the beginning, since he had left the village, that one day he would fight with Sasuke and die at his hand so that he would give him thereby a new force, the Mangekyou Sharingan, could entrust. Sasuke doesn't want to believe any of this and says that Madara has to lie. He has a confused and absent look on the floor and keeps repeating the phrase that Madara is lying ...