Why do men in uniform look sexy?

Men in uniform are just sexy :-)

Depends on.

I don't think the police are sexy ... I've met too many law-and-order pompos. So rather the type of civil failure with a big snout, because of the gun on the pants

I think soldiers are more sexy - but please don't the spade Paules, who think it's great to yell around. I prefer professionals who do something technical ... so the content is correct, the uniform is also sexy.

At the time, my husband looked more like in oversized pajamas with his navy clothes I think he's prettier as an office boy in a shirt ... but he's not that thin anymore either.

I think pilot uniforms are sexy - you also know that the guy in there is most likely not the last dork

LG, Nele

Back then, my husband looked more like in oversized pajamas in his navy clothes

I think a sailor outfit makes you look incredibly young.

Well, and the boys ARE young too. 19-22 years when they are drawn in ... most of them still very thin and smooth - in retrospect that is somehow more cute than sexy

If one imagines that such a few decades earlier were & quot; correct & quot; went to war - it's amazing.

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