Are psychopaths brave

This is how you can tell that your boss is a psychopath

Self-centered, power-hungry, ruthless: the proportion of psychopaths is demonstrably particularly large in management levels. We reveal 4 signs that will expose your psychopath boss.

The time bomb sits in the executive chair. A highly functional guy with an impressive job title - and a degenerate interior. People with psychopathic tendencies can go a long way in terms of careers. And so it is hardly surprising that the proportion of psychopaths among managers is particularly large - three to four times higher, if studies are to be believed[1]. The banking, insurance and sales sectors in particular attract such personalities[2]. And the vast majority of psychopath bosses are men, by the way[3].

Working with such a specimen is like running the gauntlet. You feel like a pendulum that is tossed back and forth between completely opposing emotional poles. From slick charm to his blatantly exaggerated sense of grandiosity: We reveal 4 signs that expose a psychopath boss.

1. He surprises you. Unfortunately.

3, 2, 1 - change of mood. Big boss often behaves impulsively. One moment he praises an idea, but the next moment he tears it up in the air. He also simply disregards specially created rules, for example. This property makes it unpredictable. You can't really take anything seriously. His lack of self-control is also reflected in a lack of long-term goals and an inability to work strategically.

2. Is checked. Everything. Really everything.

The whole time you have the uncomfortable feeling that everything you say and do is being scrutinized? Is also like that. Bosses with psychotic tendencies enjoy dominance and control. They keep their employees small. Tiny. Freedom of choice or freedom of action? Nope. Because as soon as you come into the office, chains are set on you, so to speak - this applies to both small and large developments in the company as well as to communication with customers or partners.

3. "Sorry" is not his world.

An apology never - or only with great difficulty - comes from the psycho-boss' lips. Compassion, shame, guilt? Foreign words. The regrets carousel spins without him.

4. New colleagues swarm around him like moths the light.

The psycho needs the attention and admiration of those around him. He perceives himself as exaggeratedly great. His middle name: the Blender. With great success he conveys the image of the charming superior to the outside world. At first glance, he has great social skills. Thanks to his manipulative nature, he quickly succeeds in gaining the trust of other people - even though he completely lacks compassion and authentic ties to other people.

And now?

There are two reactions of those who come across a psychopath boss: the good employees leave, the others complain behind closed doors. Our tip: Be one of the good guys aka the brave - time to jump into a more relaxed working life!

A superior who is joking, strong cohesion among colleagues or is the mood in the office constantly at its lowest point? Tell us now what makes your employer tick - and ensure more transparency.

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