Why are CS students taught electrical engineering

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Study plans help you organize your studies. Because the contents of the modules are partly based on one another, there are prerequisites for participation for many modules, i.e. you must have successfully completed one or more other modules in order to be able to participate in this module. Because of these dependencies, there are few variations in your schedule, especially in the first four semesters.

You will take part in the elective and elective modules as well as in the proseminar and specialist project in the last semesters of your studies. You can choose from the events offered according to your interests. The time when you visit a proseminar, for example, also depends on when an event that is of interest to you is offered. Please also note the preview for the next semester.

The choice of your minor affects your schedule. For some minor subjects, modules can be omitted; Instead, you attend events as a minor. Special curricula for each minor can be found at the bottom of this page. In a few cases, the division of the courses over semesters can deviate from the recommendations in the module handbook in order to avoid overlapping.

The following two curricula do not deal with the specifics of minor subjects. Please see the plans as a recommendation and as a suggestion to plan your studies.


Study plan (start in the winter semester) Option 1


Study plan (start in the winter semester) Variant 2


Study plan (starts in the summer semester)




Formal basics






Study plans for the minor subjects

Below are the specific curricula for each minor. Please inquire whether the courses in the minor are really offered in the respective semester.