How does Google's automatic correction work

Turn off WhatsApp autocorrect - this is how it works

Does it annoy you that your smartphone automatically completes sentences and words? We'll tell you how to turn off WhatsApp autocorrect.

Admittedly, autocorrection cannot be deactivated for WhatsApp alone. If you make changes to the setting, it will apply across all apps. This means that SMS, notes, e-mails and the like also have to do without the automatic correction. So far there is no way for iPhones or Android phones to activate or deactivate the autocorrection for some apps separately.

Turn off WhatsApp autocorrect - Android

To get rid of autocorrection, do the following:

  1. Open the Settings on your smartphone.
  2. Go to system and search there Languages ​​& input. On some Android models, this menu item can be found directly in the settings.
  3. Tap On-screen keyboard and select the keyboard you are using. In most cases it is Gboardwho have favourited Google's standard keyboard.
  4. Now look for the option Autocorrection. On some Android models, the setting is called Text correction.
  5. Slide the slider on the right side from right to left so that it is colored gray.

Autocorrect for WhatsApp and other apps is now disabled. Turning them back on works the same way.

That's how it works with iOS

The procedure is somewhat more uniform for iOS devices:

  1. Open the settings on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap Generally and go to keyboard.
  3. Here you will now find the options Auto correction and Auto-capitalization. Switch both offto stop receiving autocompletions and suggestions.

Note: It also applies to iPhones and iPads that auto-correction is not only available for WhatsApp and you can therefore automatically deactivate it for all applications, including SMS, notes and e-mails or alternative messengers.