Can ADHD make you physically weak

What can help children and adolescents with ADHD?

Cognitive behavioral therapy is primarily used in children with ADHD. Methods that have to do with memory, thoughts and mental abilities are called "cognitive". Parents can learn some of the techniques themselves in a parenting training course. You use them initially under the supervision of the therapist. One usually combines several measures aimed at different behavioral changes.

One technique is about motivating children through rewards or negative consequences. It is important to clearly state desired behavior that can also be checked. In order for the “behavior plan” to be effective, it has to be implemented consistently for several weeks. Therefore, one should avoid being overwhelmed and not tackle too many behaviors at the same time.

Another measure is to give children “time out” if they behave in a problematic manner. This means that a child is in another room for a short time.

Cognitive methods help children and adolescents to approach tasks in a more planned manner and to implement them. An example of this are “if-then sentences”: instructions that a child formulates for themselves in order to practice certain tasks, for example “When I have done my homework, I read the timetable and pack my backpack for the next day ". If-then sentences are an example of so-called self-instruction techniques.

Another method: In self-management training, children learn to organize themselves better. For example, they should break down tasks into small steps and check their success by asking themselves questions: “What do I have to do?”, “What do I need for this?”, “How do I implement it?” And “Is that for me Successful task? "

Behavioral therapies have been shown to be helpful in studies. But they are not always enough. Sometimes a combination with medication is required to manage ADHD. For children and adolescents with ADHD who are also dealing with other mental illnesses such as anxiety disorders and depression, other psychotherapeutic treatments may also be considered.

Families who want to undergo psychotherapy often have to be patient. It can take a few weeks to months to get a place in a psychotherapy practice.