Why did you cut your long hair

Cutting hair yourself: important tips & rules

Cut hair yourself for men

In contrast to us women, men have to struggle faster with their hairstyles with hair that has grown out. If it is not possible to go to the hairdresser, the partner often has to put on scissors. But especially for men's hairstyles, you need an extra dose of dexterity and clean work. After all, short hairstyles are more difficult to implement than cutting the tips of long hair yourself.

Here, too, the right tool is essential. In addition to hair clippers, it is advisable to have a comb and an electric hair trimmer close at hand. The latter in particular makes haircutting much easier, as more beautiful transitions succeed and no undesired edges arise. In fact, a complete cut can only be made with the help of a hair trimmer by simply changing the length settings.

If you prefer to use classic scissors, you can find out here step by step how a man's hair is cut himself:

Step 1: Wash your hair and towel dry only briefly.

Step 2: Draw a part over the back of the head (from ear to ear) and on both sides and comb the upper outer hair forwards.

Step 3: If the hair on the back of the head is long enough, grasp it in individual strands vertically between the index and middle fingers and cut each straight off with the scissors. Start in the middle and work forward over both sides. Let the hair longer towards the top of the head.

Variation of step 3: If the hair on the back of the head is too short to be able to grip it well, place the hair trimmer in the desired length setting and move it upwards in a slight arc from below. Again, leave the hair longer towards the top of the head.

Step 3: Now grasp the upper guard hair parallel to the head in individual strands and cut to the desired length with the scissors. The hair trimmer can also be used here as an alternative. To be able to estimate the length, use the comb to arrange the hair again and again.

Step 4: the finishing touches! To do this, set the hair trimmer to three to six millimeters as desired and pull the individual edges around the ears and clean the neck.

With a short haircut, it is generally advisable to keep the sides and the back of the head shorter and to get longer towards the top of the head. Clean and even transitions are extremely important here.