What are the disadvantages of electric scooters

Advantages and disadvantages of the electric scooter

With the new electric scooters, not only do kids whiz around corners, but adults too. Given the many advantages a scooter brings, this is no wonder either. But soon the scooters could have disappeared from the streets, as there are now the electric scooters. Today we would like to examine the advantages and disadvantages of these scooters.

The biggest advantage is immediately apparent: With an electric scooter you don't have to struggle anymore. You kick off once and the ride will run by itself. So you won't break a sweat anymore - a great fact for anyone who doesn't love sports. Or for those who quickly go to the Chinese during their lunch break and want to reappear at work without sweaty armpits. In addition, every goal can of course be reached faster with the electric scooter and, as is well known, time is money.

Another advantage arises particularly in the cities. With the electric scooter you will not have a parking space shortage. This can be placed on any bike stand and, if necessary, on a lamp post. But be careful: Due to their popularity, these scooters are quickly gone - so always use a security lock.

As fascinating as an electric scooter is, it also has a few disadvantages: Due to the speed that a scooter can reach - the aim is 20 kilometers per hour - it must not be driven by everyone. A minimum age will probably be stipulated here. In addition, it is still questionable whether it can be used on the sidewalk at all. However, this could make it very unsafe on the road. In addition, he needs a socket at regular intervals to satisfy his hunger.

But anyone who has once fallen in love with an electric scooter will certainly not consider the disadvantages as such. After all, there is a solution for everything and in the cold winter you don't have to de-ice the windows of an electric scooter and the walk to the bakery is therefore not delayed. And in summer? You are happy about the fresh airflow. In summary, an electric scooter offers more advantages than disadvantages - if only from the point of view of the environment. Because this reduces particulate matter pollution.

And for charging you can even use solar power in a rented apartment - thanks to our plug and play solar system, a balcony is sufficient. Also a great Christmas present, by the way!