Will there be an N64 Classic

Nintendo stays with it: N64 Classic not planned

Nintendo's focus is currently on the new Switch Lite and the older Switch, that was the answer to the question of whether there will be another Classic console. In other words, no, the current consoles take precedence.

Nintendo used a Classic version twice for marketing the Switch, the NES Classic Mini and the SNES Classic Mini. Many people then waited for the N64 Classic Mini, but it never came. Nintendo rejected the product a year ago and Doug Bowser (new Nintendo USA boss) confirmed this.

Nintendo: Classic on Switch Online

There is now the experience of the NES and SNES with Switch Online and this note alone means for me more: If the games from the N64 are to be released with the latest hardware, then it will certainly be an additional option for Switch Online and not as the Nintendo N64 Classic Mini .

Our focus right now is absolutely on our dedicated platforms such as Nintendo Switch Lite and our flagship Nintendo Switch. I think with the gameplay experiences you saw with some of our classic consoles that we launched a few years ago, they're now available on Nintendo Switch Online, and this is where our focus will be.

The hype around the small new editions worked, Nintendo used it as marketing for the Switch, but you no longer need that because it works very well with the Switch. An N64 Classic Mini might even be counterproductive at the moment, as it would draw attention to itself.

In the long term, I have the hope that we will see all Nintendo platforms on Switch Online and that we will not only see N64 games, but also GameCube games. That should take a few more years, but I would like Nintendo to take this step. Then you could play all the classics with the Switch anytime and anywhere (even when you're on the move).

Nintendo Switch: Dates for upcoming games

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