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Looking for a baby name? 60 extraordinary & rare girl and boy names

The nursery is set up, the clinic bag is packed and the anticipation is great, but something very important is still missing: the baby name of your little belly-dweller. But how are you supposed to decide, with so many great names? We have put together a list of beautiful, rare, but also weird baby names for you.

A special name for your baby: rare & special

Marie is the name of your sister's daughter, Paul is the son of your best friend and Mia is the child of the neighborhood. Classic names that can be found again and again in trends are everywhere and that's why you're looking for a name that is somehow different. Spells differently, sounds different and there is a good chance that your child doesn't always have to be called by their last name or some abbreviation because they share the name with three other children. In short: you want a special name for your little one.

30 extraordinary girl names

Amina - Amina is a female given name of Arabic origin and means “the trustworthy one”.

Annina - Annina is a creative interpretation of Anna, of which no meaning is known.

Alani - Alani comes from Hawaiian and means “orange tree”.

Cammy - Cammy comes from English and means “born free and noble”.

Elara - in Greek mythology Elara is the nature goddess and a lover of Zeus. It is also the symbol of motherly love.

Elva - the name Elva comes from “the elf”.

Jonna - Jonna is the Danish short form of Johanna. Jonna also has its origin in Hebrew and means “Yahweh (God) is gracious”, so Jonna is “the one who is graced by God”.

Kalea - Kalea is a Hawaiian name that translates as “happiness”.

Kayla - Kayla means “the descendant of Caollaidhe”, but also “the slim one” and in Hebrew “the crown”.

Liara - Liara comes from the Hebrew word “lior” and means “I have a light”, “my light”, “the shining one”.

Lilith - Lilith has a Hebrew origin and means “the nocturnal” or “the night wind”.

Linnea - The name Linnea became known through the natural scientist Carl von Linné, who gave the name Linnaea to a flower. Translated, the name Linnea means “the tender one” or “the mild one”, “the friendly one”.

Liva - Liva means “olive tree” and comes from the Scandinavian countries.

Lizanna - Lizanna is an English variant of Lisanne / Lisann and means “the graceful”, “the gracious”.

Mailynn - the name Mailynn has several beautiful meanings such as “the great waterfall”, the beautiful day ”or“ my light ”.

Malea - Translated directly, Malea means “flower” and probably has a Hawaiian meaning. In addition, Malea was the name of an ancient city in Arcadia, as well as in Lesbos.

Malu - Malu comes from Hawaiian and means “the rest”, “the peace”.

Marva - The exact origin of the name Marva is not clear. It could mean “the one coming from the sea” or it could be derived from the male name Marvin and translated as “famous” or “great” and “friend”.

Minou - in French, Minou means “kitty” or “little kitten”. In Persian, Minou is a variant of the name Minoo, which means "sky".

Nuria - the name Nuria comes from Catalan and means “the one who bears the light”.

Oriana - in Spanish Oriana is translated as “gold” and in Hebrew as “sun” and “light”.

Philia - the name Philia comes from ancient Greek and means “friend”, “lover” and “daughter”.

Rosea - the name Rosea comes from the Greek, but a meaning is not known.

Ruby - the name goes back to the English word for ruby ​​and is rarely heard in this country.

Sanja - Sanja comes from Croatian and means “the dreaming”.

Solea - Solea means “sun” and comes from French.

Suri - Suri is a Sanskrit name and means “the goddess”.

Tilda - Tilda comes from Swedish and is the short form of Mathilda and means something like “mighty fighter” or “heroine”.

Yara - Names pronounced with “Y” are extraordinary, and the great name Yara means “peace”.

30 extraordinary boy names

Andrik - Andrik is the male variant of Andrea and means “heroic”.

Arlo - Arlo is the short form of Angelos meaning “angel”, but it can also come from English meaning “armed hill” or from Spanish for “barberry plant”.

Cassius - There is no exact meaning of the name Cassius, but it could mean “the vain one”.

Elian - Elian comes from ancient Greek and means “the one who shines”.

Elwin - Elwin comes from Old English and means something like “noble friend”.

Enno - Enno is a real East Frisian name that means “who fights with the sword”.

Fiete - Fiete means “Bringer of Peace” and can be derived from the Low German name Friedrich.

Flynn - Flynn means “the descendant of Flann” and “the reddish one” and comes from the Irish.

Jarek - Jarek comes from Old Slavonic and means “the bold”, “the strong”.

Kiyan - Kiyan is “the ancient” in Irish and Gaelic and “the king” in Persian.

Larus - Laurus comes from Latin and means “the laurel wreath”.

Lennox - Lennox means "the quiet one" and has a Welsh and Scottish origin and was originally a Scottish family and clan name.

Lev - Lev comes from Latin and means “the lion”.

Marten - Marten means “son of the god of war Mars”, “the warrior”, “son of Mars”, “consecrated to Mars”, “son of war” and comes from Latin.

Morten - Morten is the Scandinavian variant of Martin, which goes back to the Roman epithet "Martinus", which in turn is based on the god of war Mars.

Nayem - Najem means “star” and comes from Arabic.

Nilias - Nilias comes from the Greek and means “that of Niel”.

Nilo - Nilo has the wonderful meaning “butterfly” and comes from ancient Greek.

Nino - Nino comes from Italian and is both a boy and a girl name meaning "God is gracious".

Quendrim - Quendrim comes from Albanian and stands for "attitude" or "stay".

Rouven - In the Bible Reuben is the eldest of Jacob's twelve sons and could be translated as “See the son” or “See, it is a son”.

Sayosha - the name Sajoscha means “the protective one” and comes from ancient Greek.

Salih - Salih comes from Arabic and means “the virtue”, “the pious”.

Samir - the name comes from Arabic and stands for “the prince”, “the beautiful”.

Sancho - the name Sancho is derived from the Latin "sanctus" for "holy, venerable, consecrated" and means something like "the saint, the venerable".

Silvan - Silvan comes from the Latin and means translated "the man from the forest" .

Sjard - the name Sjard comes from old German and means something like “the winner”.

Tamio - Tamio comes from ancient Greek and is called Lord / Master but also "The Sight".

Well - Tjaart comes from the old Germanic name “Peodoard”, which means “protector of people”.

Tomke - Tomke is a Frisian pet form for Thomas or the short form for names that begin with "Thanks".

Weird baby names

While most parents choose a classic name for their offspring, there are also some who name their child after a famous person or a series character. Such names are seldom found, but they do exist. Last year, for example, first names from the Game Of Thrones series were particularly popular. But there is an even more weird way. Some parents even wanted to name their children Popcorn, Urmel, Eisenstein or Knirpsi. However, these names were rejected. Weird, is not it? 😉

Conclusion: seldom is good, weird but too much

Special baby names are definitely on the rise and classic baby names like Marie, Mia or Leon are becoming increasingly rare. In the case of a strange baby name, it is best to choose a second name so that the child can later choose which name it really wants to be called by.