What are some sentence examples with advice

Verbs in a sentence

to advise

1.Sg.2.Sg. (unp. 3rd Sg)Imp
Praet 1st / 3rd partyPerf 1.Sg. (unp. 3.Sg.)Conj 2 1.Sg.
advisedhave advisedadvised


advise sb (on something)
I advise you.
I will advise you on buying a computer.
advise about something
The cabinet deliberates on the law.


I need a new PC, but I don't understand any of it. Will you come with me and give me a little advice?
This bank clerk did not advise me very well. The course falls and falls.
I have not received particularly good advice from this bank clerk.

Can you advise me a little on buying a computer?
I have problems with the neighbors because of the trees in the garden. Can you advise me a little on this matter?

The cabinet is discussing the bill today. (= The Chancellor and her ministers are discussing it.)


To advise means giving someone information so that they can make a decision. At advise, give advice If the information is not so important, it is mainly about the decision support. If someone has marital problems, they can get professional advice from a marriage counseling center. If my boyfriend has marital problems, I might be able to advise him because I know something about psychology or divorce law. Or I could give him some advice "as a person" or advise him to do something because he himself doesn't know what is best.

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