Powerlifting is dangerous

This is why the suicide grip is so dangerous

There is a reason why it bears his name: the suicide grip ("suicide grip", also called monkey grip). The “thumbless grip” carries a lot of risks.

Accidents have often happened in the gym. Especially common on the bench press. Main cause: the wrong grip. If the dumbbell falls on the neck or chest while doing the bench press, it is life threatening.

What is the suicide handle?

With the suicide grip, the dumbbell is not gripped with the thumb. So the risk of slipping is great here. Because: The dumbbell rests between the palms of the hands and fingers, but is not firmly enclosed. The concentration has to be much, much higher. Of course, you should generally be extremely focused when doing strength training.

The question naturally arises: if the grip is so dangerous, why are so many people doing it? Some say that they find it gentler or that they can move more weight. The pressure point is felt to be more comfortable. But better stimulation of the muscles should also be achieved. Likewise, the focus on a specific muscle can be improved in this way. But: Gripping is prohibited in numerous powerlifting associations. Should actually put you off.

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Get a partner too!

The bench press is one of the more dangerous exercises, especially when exercising alone. To avoid accidents, make sure that you have chosen the correct weight. If you've never lifted the weight before, be sure to get a training partner to protect you. If you don't have one, ask another athlete. People like to help each other in the gym. That is part of the code of honor.

If you train in the empty gym, you can work with safety spotters. They are placed at the level of the costal arch. This can prevent the worst when the dumbbell slips. An ABSOLUTE NO-GO for amateur athletes is the omission of the clamps on the weights. This also puts other athletes at risk.

To reduce the risk, you can also exercise with dumbbells. However, this is technically more demanding than with a barbell. So start small and then increase.