Why is there addiction

III. How does addiction arise?

The more research is devoted to the question of addiction and dependence, the less there is a single cause in sight.
It seemsalways several factors that work together in the development of an addiction, whereby it mostly seems to be about an interaction of the personality of the person concerned, his social environment as well as the nature and availability of the drug.


Personality and life situation

The best prevention against addiction (as against any form of mental disorder) is surely a healthy, stable personality.
EspeciallyExperiences in the first years of life However, the self-esteem can become so fragile and the image of oneself and others so insecure and fragmented that the young person or adult can only endure life through the supply of “poison”. The one commonly used in the drug sceneExpression "poison" for the desired substance expresses well how little those affected could experience vital attention without experiencing it as dangerous and damaging at the same time.
Eachcrisis in the current life situation then brings a special oneSusceptibility to addictive behavior with himself.


The social environment

In socialEnvironment of the family of origin Everyone experiences first how to deal with intoxicants and stimulants, especially with thelegal substances Alcohol and nicotine, with medication, and the importance of work, food, shopping, television, etc.
From puberty onwards, thepeer groupwho have favourited Peer Group fordecisive social yardstick. Experiences in these social groups can pave the way for an addiction career or strengthen or even weaken existing tendencies.


The drug

The different intoxicants and the way they are used naturally have different psychological and physical effects and can thereforemore or less quickly dependent do. Factually correct information protects young people and young adults in particular from idealizing drugs or denying their dangers rather than mystifying and demonizing illegal substances.
In addition, of course, they haveAccessibility and social acceptance of a substance Influence on the likelihood of being consumed as an addictive substance. Far more people are dependent on legal than illegal means.


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