Can I download Fortnite on my Android?

Install Fortnite - How it works on Android & what about iOS?

Epic Games, the makers of Fortnite, take on the big tech giants Google and Apple. After the announcement of a second purchase option for microtransactions, the top game was thrown from both the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store. We'll tell you how Fortnite can still be installed on your mobile phone.

Android users have an easy way to get the game onto their mobile phones even without the Google Play Store. On the other hand, it looks worse for owners of an iPhone.

Install Fortnite - this is how it works with Android

Android smartphones allow apps to be installed from alternative sources. So you do not have to rely on the Google Play Store to equip your mobile phone with applications and games. Do you want Fortnite install for Android, proceed as follows:

  1. Follow the link to the app at Epic Games, the official developer website with your mobile phone or scan the QR code on the website with your mobile phone.
  2. Download the Epic Games app.
  3. Run the APK file and allow the installation of apps from unknown sources once.
  4. Confirm the installation.
  5. Then open the Epic Games app.
  6. On the start screen, type the entry for Fortnite at.
  7. Press the yellow one To install-Button.
  8. Fortnite will now be installed on your Android phone.

Warning: Do not download a Fortnite app from unknown sources! Fraudsters can take advantage of the demand for the app and hide malware here.

You will also be provided with all updates and innovations. After installation, you can delete the Epic Games app if you don't need any additional game apps from the manufacturer. Fortnite also runs without the shop app. If you have a Samsung mobile phone like the Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S20, you can still find the app in the Galaxy App Store.

These are the best cell phones for Fornite.

Install Fortnite on iPhone?

The situation is different for iPhone users. The installation of apps outside the app store is not possible here. Do not delete the game from your device if you want to continue to be in the Fortnite universe on your iOS device. According to the current status, there will be no more updates for the iPhone version after version 13.40. The fourth season of the second chapter will probably not be there for Apple users. In addition, with a new Fortnite version, cross-play and cross-saving are no longer available for iPhone users.

It remains to be seen how the situation between Epic and Apple develops. If the two great powers can come to an agreement, nothing stands in the way of a return to the app store.

You can find information about the background to the dispute between Epic and Google or Apple in our news section.