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Ghost Rider has just screwed its way over the Avengers in the greatest possible way

Spoilers for King in Black: Ghost Rider # 1 ahead!

Wrong-way drivers recently helped Mephisto Regain control of Hell - a move that made Hell doomed avenger in the long run. in the King in Black: Ghost Rider # 1, the eponymous antihero and Mephisto fight their way through the king in Black's hordes, and the adventure ends with Mephisto sitting on the throne of hell again.

Mephisto is Marvel's equivalent of the devil and was a thorn in the side of many Marvel heroes, especially the Silver Surfer and Spider-Man. In the latter case, Mephisto actually brokered a deal that erased Spider-Man's marriage from history. He is also responsible for creating Ghost Rider, who recently usurped Mephisto as Lord of Hell, and readers have learned that Ghost Rider did not have it easy. He has tried to be a fair and just ruler but has encountered opposition not only from the demons of Hell, but also from characters like Lilith, who leads a rebellion against him.

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The edition, written by Ed Brisson with art by Juan Frigeri and paints by Jason Keith, begins with Ghost Rider Mephisto roaming the streets of New York - just as the King in Black comes to mind. Ghost Rider now has two fights on hand: Lilith and Knull's symbiote dragon. Knowing that Ghost Rider will be constantly torn between the ruler of Hell and a hero, his allies, including his brother Danny Ketch, convince him to let Mephisto return to rule Hell. Her logic is that Mephisto is a known great and therefore easier to work with, while Lilith is fierce and unpredictable, which makes her more difficult to defeat.

While Ghost Rider and the logic of its allies may seem reasonable, the most recent revelations are across the Marvel Universe, especially in avengerto question this step. Marvel has made it clear that Mephisto is up to something. He was directly responsible for resuscitating Agent Phil Coulson, corrupting him, and then blaming him for the hyper-nationalist Squadron Supreme of America, a team that is a direct rival of the Avengers. Mephisto's influence on Coulson also gives him unprecedented access to the American government and the American military, which he could then use for the Avengers. Whatever he is up to, it was bad enough getting Konshu, Moon Knight's god-like benefactor, into action as well - a move that also led to an attack on the Avengers. It is clear that Mephisto has an ax to grind with the most powerful heroes on earth, and now Ghost Rider has enabled him to carry out his plans.

Wrong-way drivers Decision to abdicate and return the throne of Hell to him Mephisto Perhaps it seemed like a good idea at the time, but it can have serious and dire consequences, especially for them avenger. King in Black: Ghost Rider # 1 is now available in print and digital.

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