Who is the father of Lord Muruga


Shanmukha is the visible deity (Pratyaksha Devata) in this Kali age. He is very pleased with his followers, to whom he grants both: Bhukti and Mukti (first pleasure and then moksha, liberation). Millions are still alive who can relate examples of miracles wrought by Shanmukha in their own lives. Perhaps the most powerful reconciliation ritual a follower of Shanmukha can perform is the kavadi. The benefits that the devotee receives from offering God Kavadi are a million times greater than the small pain that the devotee imposes on himself by doing so

In general, people take the vow to give kavadi to reverse or prevent a great calamity. For example, if a fateful disease was inflicted on the trailer's only son, he would pray to Shanmukha to bring the boy back to life. In return, the devotee would take a vow to dedicate a kavadi to the Lord.

Although this appears materialistic at first glance, on closer inspection it turns out that it contains the seeds for the highest love of God. The worldly goal is achieved and the devotee carries out Kavadi. After the ceremony, he is so imbued with the love of God that his inner spiritual chamber is opened. Ultimately, this leads to Para Bhakti, Supreme Devotion.

Oh Subrahmanya! Oh merciful God! We have neither faith nor devotion. We don't know how to properly worship you or meditate on you. We are your children who have lost the way, forgotten the destination and your name. Is it not your job, oh compassionate Father, to take these lost children back under your roof, to care for them, to protect them, to shower them with your grace and to bless them?

Oh mother Valli, don't you want to intercede with your Lord for us? A mother's love for her children is more important than anything else in this world. Forgive us, O beloved mother, although we have become worthless and disobedient children! Make us obedient and loyal. From this second on we are yours. Everything is yours. It is the mother's duty to correct, educate, correct, and be an example to her reckless children when they stray from the right path. Remove the distance that separates us, the veil that hides us from you. Bless us Bring us back to your lotus feet. We have nothing more to say. This is our fervent prayer to you and your God, our beloved and everlasting Parents.