How to say unbelievable in Arabic

German-Arabic translation for "unbelievable"

"incredible" Arabic translation

  • implausible (main form), doubtful, questionable, questionable
  • pompous, enormous, lush, mighty, considerable, large, significant, extreme, immense, extraordinary
  • outrageous (main form), outrageous, impossible (coll.), (a) insolence, (a) cheek, hair-raising, incomprehensible, bottomless (coll.), outrageous, outrageous, scandalous, bold
  • too, terrible, terrible (coll.), suspicious (ironic), incomparable (go.), very, bad (regional), astonishing, disproportionate, striking, damned (coll., sloppy), exaggerated, extremely, unusual
  • extreme, real (coll.), really (coll.), pronounced, extremely, extremely, brutal (coll., southern German), radical, completely (coll.), total, full (juvenile), very, absolutely, most
  • dreamlike, wonderful, fantastic, fabulous
  • incomprehensible
  • wonderful, excellent, outstanding, dreamlike, breathtaking, unparalleled, overwhelming, fabulous, incomparable, unsurpassable, first class, gorgeous, fantastic, wonderful, grandiose
  • insane, twisted (coll.), weird (coll.), crazy, unbelievable, crazy (coll.)
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