Should the FBI investigate the Kavanaugh hearing

US Supreme CourtFurther FBI investigation into Kavanaugh case

Senator Jeff Flake, an Arizona Republican, told the Senate Judiciary Committee that the country was deeply divided. The US Senators would have to proceed carefully. And with that, Flake ushered in the latest turning point in the Kavanaugh case.

US President Trump follows. The FBI has been asked to re-examine Trump's Supreme Court candidate, Brett Kavanaugh. It's a direct response to Christine Blasey Ford's hearing. She accuses Kavanaugh of trying to rape her as a student.

"The laughter of both of them is burned into their emotional memory. And that they had fun at my expense."

20 million Americans have followed the testimony of Professor Ford and Judge Kavanaugh live. US President Trump says he thinks Ford's statement is convincing.

"She made a good impression on me. And Kavanaugh's statement, too, was something I've never seen before. Remarkable."

FBI should clarify allegations and hear witnesses

Kavanaugh's statement was strong, honest and captivating, Trump tweeted after the hearing. The Republicans on the committee wanted to proceed as planned. And then what happened:

TV images show Senator Flake being confronted by demonstrators and victims of sexual assault in an elevator. Flake buries his hands in his pockets. The Republican then meets with US Democratic senators.

"I think we can pause for a moment so the FBI can investigate."

US President Trump had claimed for days that the investigators could not conduct any further investigation. And by no means all Republicans want to deviate from the line. Senator Lindsay Graham is raging once more.

"It's about delay and destruction. And when we reward that, good applicants no longer want to be judges."

The committee votes by Republican votes to recommend Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. The actual debate in the US Senate can then begin. At the same time, however, the FBI is given a week to investigate allegations of sexual assault. The investigators want to hear witnesses. A school friend of Kavanaugh is ready to testify.

US President Trump has said that he has not yet considered replacing Kavanaugh with another candidate.