How does candidiasis affect men

Candida balanitis (fungal infection of the penis; penis fungus)

Unprotected sexual intercourse is the most common way of transmitting the fungus on the penis. Usually yeasts of the genus Candida are behind the fungal disease in men. Usually this fungus cannot harm us, it is part of the normal skin flora. If the skin barrier on the male genitalia is not intact for a variety of reasons, the fungus can spread.

Synonym: balanitis candidamycetica, thrush balanitis, penis fungus

If Candida fungi infest the man's glans, it is called a Candida balanitis; the foreskin on the penis is also diseased Candida balanoposthitis (balanoposthitis candidamycetica, thrush balanoposthitis) designated.

Fungal infection on the penis

In most cases it is the Genital thrush of the man about the yeast fungus Candida albicans, which is also mainly responsible for the vaginal fungus in women. However, women are affected significantly more often. This is because women have better breeding grounds for mushrooms. A high level of estrogen, such as that found in pregnancy, also promotes vaginal thrush.

Already knew?

Women are about 10 times more likely to develop candidiasis than men.

Risk factors for penile fungus

Fungi do not find an ideal breeding ground for male genitals. Still, there are some factors that make one Fungus on the penis favor.

These include:
• Inadequate or excessive hygiene
• Synthetic clothing that is too tight-fitting
• a narrowing of the foreskin (phimosis)
• a weakened immune system
• Diseases such as diabetes mellitus, leukemia and gout
• Taking medication such as antibiotics or cortisone supplements
• a higher age

If possible, try to avoid the contributing factors so that fungi do not find it easy to spread. In the case of a narrowing of the foreskin or chronic illness, it is important to have this treated by a doctor. Otherwise there is a risk that the fungus will keep reappearing on the penis.

Special case: penis fungus in diabetes

If the blood sugar level is permanently high, the risk of a skin infection increases. Sometimes diabetes mellitus is only discovered because of a fungal infection, especially if it occurs frequently. However, if the diabetic patient is well adjusted, there is no increased risk of developing mycosis.

Symptoms of penile fungus

A yeast infection with Candida fungi (candidiasis) shows various symptoms. Depending on whether only the glans or the foreskin on the penis is affected, different complaints can arise: The affected areas wet, burn, swell or itch. In addition, red papules or pustules can develop. It is also possible that you may experience pain during intercourse or urination. There may be smelly deposits under the foreskin. As the disease progresses, general symptoms such as fatigue or fever develop.

Prevent penile fungus

The fungi are usually already on the skin or mucous membrane. When the immune system is weakened, they can multiply explosively and cause problems. It is therefore important to strengthen the body's defenses:

  • Eat a healthy diet by getting enough fruits and vegetables. These provide you with sufficient vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances. The vital substances strengthen the body's own defenses.
  • Avoid nicotine and alcohol. They just put unnecessary strain on your body.
  • Do you do sports regulary. Because: Obesity opens the way for many diseases.
  • Avoid stress and get enough sleep. Because the human organism regenerates during sleep.
  • Spend time in nature. Stock up on oxygen and vitamin D.

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To avoid candidiasis of the genital organs is a good oneIntimate hygiene important. Use however ph-neutralIntimate hygiene products.

Because thrushcontagious it is also advisable to always use condoms during sexual intercourse.

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Diagnosis of fungal disease on the penis

If you see one or more of the symptoms listed, go to one Urologist. He will interview you about your medical history and perform a physical exam. Changes such as reddening and whitish-greyish coatings can provide the first visible indications of an infection. Finally, your urologist can use one Smear prove whether and which fungal disease is present on the penis. In the case of candida balanitis or candida balanoposthitis, he will prescribe appropriate medication for treatment.

Over-the-counter medication from your pharmacy at penis fungus

A fungal disease on the penis is treated with antifungal drugs. These drugs contain active ingredients that inhibit or kill the growth of fungi:

  • Imidazoles (for example Clotrimazole, fenticonazole, flucanozole and Miconazole)
  • Nystatin
  • Povidone iodine

Treatment for candida balanitis is often in the form of creams or ointments that are applied directly to the fungus on the penis and work on the spot. Sometimes it is also necessary to take antifungal tablets, especially if applying an ointment does not have enough effect or if the fungal disease continues to progress.

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If candidiasis occurs repeatedly on the penis, removal of the foreskin can be considered to prevent further fungal infection.

What you can do against penile fungus yourself

In addition to treating fungal infections of the penis with medication, a number of measures can contribute to a rapid recovery from candida balanitis and candida balanoposthitis:

  • Change your towels daily and wash them at 60 degrees, the same way you should handle your underwear.
  • Keep your penis clean and dry, as a warm, humid climate promotes fungal growth and can thus delay the healing of the fungal infection. For this purpose, strips of gauze can be attached under the foreskin.
  • In order to avoid cross-contamination of sexual partners, you should practice protected intercourse with condoms. If the partner shows symptoms of a fungal infection, they should also treat themselves.

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