Where can I find old license plates

Vehicle registration: everything included?

Did you think of all the documents on the way to the admissions office? To ensure that the registration or re-registration of your car goes smoothly, you will find an overview of all documents for vehicle registration here:

  • Vehicle registration document
  • Vehicle registration
  • eVB number (electronic insurance confirmation)

For the registration of used vehicles additionally:

  • HU and AU report
  • Old license plate (if the vehicle was previously registered elsewhere)

Your vehicle is registered at the vehicle registration office responsible for you, whose address and opening times can be found in most cases on the website of your municipality or city. You also have the option of having someone else carry out the approval process. With this power of attorney you can legitimize a third party for admission.

Tip: Since January 1st, 2015 you can take your license plate with you after moving and deregister an old car online.

All information about vehicle registration at a glance

  • Documents for vehicle registration
  • What do I get from where?
  • Third party approval
  • Desired license plate
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Where can I find my admissions office?

Vehicle registration takes place at the vehicle registration office responsible for you. You can find their address and opening times on the website of your municipality or city.

What do I get from where?

The eVB is proof of your car insurance. You can get this from your insurer and easily online from Allianz Direct.

From the seller of your vehicle you will receive the vehicle registration document and registration as well as the general inspection report. The previous owner of the car will also give you the old license plate.

You will receive a form for proof of vehicle tax from the registration office. And don't forget your ID card for vehicle registration! Have you bought a new car? Then the chances are good that the dealer will take away the vehicle registration for you!

What is the eVB number all about?

The eVB is proof that your vehicle is insured. What the cover card was used for in the past, today you only need to present a number for vehicle registration. This serves as a reference for the digital confirmation of your insurance.

You will receive the eVB number online immediately after taking out your vehicle insurance. Show this at the vehicle registration to prove the coverage of your insurance.

Avoid delays in vehicle registration

When you apply for your insurance policy, make sure that the information about the vehicle matches the information in the vehicle registration document. Your details must be identical to those on your identity card.

No time to stand in line?

If you can't do it yourself, you can have someone else register your car.

Have someone else do the vehicle registration and save time and nerves? All you need is a power of attorney. With the necessary documents, authorization and a valid identity card, the person you trust can register the vehicle in your name.

For vehicle registration by third parties you need:

  • eVB number
  • Vehicle registration document, vehicle registration document
  • Main inspection and exhaust emission inspection (TÜV)
  • Your identity card
  • Identification of the authorized representative
  • Power of attorney

Vehicle registration: How do I get my desired license plate?

Would you like a special license plate for your new car? Whether retro or fun license plates (e.g. BB-Q, F-AN, B-AR, RE-IM or M-AI), your initials or dates of birth. Basically everything is allowed within certain rules - provided that the desired number has not been assigned.

Basically, the license plate assignment is tied to the registration district - the letters to the left of the line are therefore fixed. When choosing the license plate you want, you are bound to your district when it comes to admission. From 01/01/2015 it is possible to keep the regional license plate nationwide. If you have your desired license plate number, you can also take it with you when you move to another city. However, it is still necessary to notify the vehicle registration authority with the eVB.

A number of license plates from smaller communities have disappeared due to territorial reforms over the years. These are now available again as retro license plates.

What does my license plate cost?

The authorities charge an extra fee for special requests, funny combinations and catchy number combinations. How much the vehicle registration costs with your desired license plate depends on your office.

When it comes to vehicle registration, your office will tell you in detail what is possible and what is not.

Re-register the vehicle when moving or changing owner

Moving means a lot of bureaucracy. Unfortunately, you won't be spared the trip to the registration office to re-register your vehicle. Even if a vehicle is to be transferred to you as the owner, contact your responsible registration authority.

If you move your place of residence within the previous registration district, your previous registration authority will change the address in the registration certificate part 1 (formerly vehicle registration).

If you are moving your main residence to a different registration district, you will need to contact the registration office of your new place of residence.

But re-registering is now easier

There is no getting around it: As the vehicle owner, you always have to change your registration to your new address at the registration authority of your new place of residence. But: You no longer need a new license plate!

Since 1.1.2015, there has been a significant simplification for you as a vehicle owner when moving to a new registration district or even to a new federal state.

So far, vehicle owners had to apply for a new license plate for their vehicle when moving to another registration district. From 2015, the compulsory renaming of the vehicle will no longer apply nationwide.

For you this means: You do not have to part with your previous license plate and you have no additional costs for a new license plate!

What you need for the change of registration:

  • ID card or passport
  • Registration certificate part 1 and 2 (formerly vehicle registration document and vehicle registration document)
  • Test report or entry in the vehicle registration document about a valid general inspection
  • eVB (electronic insurance confirmation)

You do not have to bring your previous license plates to the registration office if

  • the vehicle to be re-registered is currently not registered.
  • the vehicle to be re-registered is currently registered and you want to keep the previous license plate.

Vehicle deregistration - how does it work?

Would you like to deregister your car? This is quite simple. As with vehicle registration, you go to your registration authority here.

You will need the following documents to deregister your car:

  • Vehicle registration
  • Vehicle registration document
  • License plates

If you deregister your vehicle, this deregistration is valid for a maximum of seven years. During this period, the car is considered to be out of service. The authorities then request proof that the vehicle has been recycled.

The registration of a deregistered car is possible for temporarily decommissioned vehicles without any problem.

You can now also deregister your vehicle online - these are the requirements

From 01/01/2015 you can cancel your vehicle online on the central vehicle registration portal i-Kfz and reserve the previous license plate immediately. This saves you having to go to the admissions office. However, this is only possible under certain conditions:

  • You will only have the security codes required for online de-registration if you registered the vehicle after January 1, 2015. These can be found on the registration certificate I (7 digits) and on the back of the stamp plates / seals on the vehicle license plates (3 digits).
  • You must be in possession of a new ID card with an online ID function.
  • You need a credit card and / or Giropay to pay the fee.
  • Vehicles that are destined for scrapping or that have already been scrapped cannot be deregistered online.
  • Online deregistration is only possible for vehicles that are sold or temporarily shut down.