What is the best beach in Zanzibar

The most beautiful beaches in Zanzibar

North coast

In the far north, 54 km from Stonetown, is Nungwi. Once a sleepy fishing village - today a popular island destination, especially among backpackers. This place on the island is unique, because only here you can experience sunrise and sunset over the ocean. Life pulsates on Nungwi Beach.

In addition to the daily fish market, the interested visitor can also experience how a large dhow is assembled in the traditional way on the flat beach and sets off on its first maiden voyage. At low tide it is possible to walk on the beach to the neighboring village of Kenwa. A worthwhile excursion, because you can swim and snorkel almost all day there.

East coast

The east coast of Zanzibar is world famous. With the exception of a few coral cliffs and magrove bays, travelers will find kilometer-long palm beaches here, which are quieter than the north. A South Sea paradise straight out of a picture book!

A coral reef stretches like a ribbon from north to east, forming a kind of lagoon with the coast. This shields the open sea at low tide so that the local women can sit in the shallow sea water and plant seaweed. Swimming and bathing is only possible at high tide. Along the east coast are both modern hotels and simple guest houses for the price-conscious sun worshiper, strung like pearls on a string.

South coast

The southern tip of Zanzibar offers few bathing opportunities and is (still) little developed for tourism. The two main beaches are at Kizimkazi in the southwest and Makunduchi in the southeast.

Within easy reach is the Menai Bay Conservation Area - a protection zone that includes 467 kmĀ² of water, reefs, sandbars and mangrove bays. Dolphins like to stay in the waters, which can also be visited on organized tours from Stone Town.

Round off your Tanzania safari trip with a few relaxing days on the beaches of Zanzibar