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It is not uncommon for children of famous parents to try to follow in the oversized footsteps of their parents. For many, this endeavor ends in artistic, political or even sporting fiasco. Others, on the other hand, withstand public pressure and expectations and eventually step out of the shadows of their prominent mothers or fathers.

Ziggy Marley, firstborn son of Reggae forefather Bob Marley, certainly does not have the legendary status of King Of Reggae, who died in 1981, but since the beginning of his solo career in 2003 at the latest, he has been stuck on the heels of his father's success.

Ziggy received guitar and drum lessons from his father at an early age and often spends time in the studio while the godfather of the off-beat records songs with his former band The Wailers. At the age of eleven he stood in front of a microphone with his siblings Cedella, Sharon and Stephen for the first time and sang the song "directed by Bob Marley"Children Playing In The Streets" a.

This experience serves as an initial spark for the offspring to imitate their father. From then on they made music together and founded the band The Melody Makers. In 1985 they finally recorded their debut "Play The Game Right". Eleven more albums from the family combo followed by the year 2000.

During this time, the quartet earned three Grammys. Despite the success, the record company makes no secret of the fact that they would rather see the frontman solo on stage. In 2003, the courtship for the singer and multi-instrumentalist was successful, and Ziggy Marley started his solo career with the album "Dragonfly".

"Love Is My Religion" followed three years later and won a Grammy for best reggae album. The success remains loyal to him even on solo paths. Ziggy Marley is establishing himself more and more as an independent artist, but this has no influence on his close relationship with his family.

In 2009 he packed a majority of his siblings, along with his mother Rita Marley, and played the album "Family Time" with illustrious guest musicians such as Paul Simon, Jack Johnson and country legend Willie Nelson.

The concept of creating a kind of children's album, which should also be well received by the big ones, is working, and so Ziggy is happy about his fifth Grammy trophy in 2010. "Family Time" gives him the award for the so-called "Best Musical Album For Children". In addition to his albums, the singer also contributes various songs for soundtracks. For example, he sings the song "Three Little Birds", which his father made famous, with Sean Paul for the film "Big Sharks - Little Fish". "Men At Work" and "50 First Dates" are also productions in which Marley is responsible for the musical background.

The album "Fly Rasta" followed in 2014 after the silver disc "Wild And Free" from 2011, for which the Jamaican was again awarded the Reggae Grammy. Just two years later, the seventh solo album, "Ziggy Marley", was released.

The German appearances are becoming rarer, but with The Melody Makers the Rasta celebrity has a big advantage: If you share the festival stages with younger performers, you will attract attention. The musicians play precisely, sound routine, but not a bit rusty - and are reminiscent of Bob Marley. In 2018/2019 the Melody Makers consist of the two great singers Kamaria Ousley and Tracy Hazzard. In the second row, George Hughes (keyboard), Adam Zimmon (guitar), Pablo Stennet (bass) and Rock Deadrick position themselves on the percussions. In the back sits the graying Santa Davis on the drums, who has already played on Bob Marley's "Uprising", on Peter Tosh's "Mama Africa" ​​and "No Nuclear War", for Santana or Chaka Khan.

At the same time Marley announces a three-part album: "Road To Rebellion" parts one to three will be released between 2019 and 2020. He sings again for the album comeback "Got To Be Tough" by his great reggae hero Toots Hibbert from Toots And The Maytals a version of "Three Little Birds", then he plays a continuation of his successful children's record with "More Family Time".