How do I get the money back

security PayPal: Claim your money back


If you notice an incorrect charge in your PayPal overview, you as the buyer can easily claim your money back. This also applies if you have not received the paid goods or if they arrive damaged. How exactly you initiate such a procedure is explained below.

First measure: contact us

Before turning on PayPal and claiming your money back, you should first contact the seller. The seller's email address can always be found in the transaction information. So log into PayPal and select the transaction that you want to claim your money back for. The contact address can then be found on the right under the seller's information. If you click on the e-mail address there, your mail program will open.

Now compose an e-mail with your request and, for the sake of simplicity, also include the transaction code, which is also located where you found the e-mail address. In many cases this can be the solution, as many companies are then ready to help you.

How to claim your money back

If the seller refuses to refund you the money despite your personal request, you can activate PayPal. This option is available up to 180 days after payment. To do this, log into PayPal and then select the transaction for which you want to claim your money back from your activities. You will see the button "report a problem". Click on it and you will be redirected to PayPal conflict resolution.

There you can now choose between four different options:

  • You did not receive the item.
  • The item received does not match the description or is damaged.
  • You suspect someone may have unauthorized access to your PayPal account.
  • The amount that was debited is incorrect.

You then have to provide further details. Once you've reported the problem, the seller has 20 days to resolve the conflict. If this does not happen, you can contact PayPal again and apply for buyer protection.