What are the horror films in 2017

The best horror films of 2017: Our top 10

Almost every popular figure in the horror film will be re-entered into the ticket race in 2017 by the studios. But new fabrics are also making a big splash in the 2017 cinema year. Here you can find a list of the best horror films of 2017. As a little bonus we have listed our flops of the year below.

First of all, let's keep in mind: Not everything that is old and known must automatically be bad. It happens again and again that young talents fill a long-serving horror franchise with new life. Fede Alvarez's "Evil Dead" was about such a godsend. Turning old into new can work.

There is also a whole range of classic subjects and genre-typical stories that every new generation should experience in their own way in the cinema. Certain stereotypes are simply part of it. They are the fixed inventory of a genre that is always renewed with contemporary updates, but essentially has a hard core.

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This core will be discussed several times in 2017. The number of remakes, reboots and sequels is large. That makes sense from a market economy perspective, after all, the retro craze is currently booming happily. On the other hand, despite the dominance of new editions, there are also some new materials that we do not want to withhold from you in our list of the best horror films of 2017.


The best horror films of 2017: In the cinema and on DVD

Split - January 26, 2017

Nothing is what it seems in the psychological thriller by M. Night Shyamalan. When three girls are dragged into a basement by a madman (James McAvoy), they have to deal with his 23 personalities, who, surprisingly, fluctuate between gentle helper and bloodthirsty beast.

The Eyes Of My Mother - February 2nd, 2017

The artistically inspired indie film tells the traumatic story of a little girl who watches the murder of her mother. Not for the faint of heart, recommended for all psycho horror lovers.

Train to Busan - February 3, 2017 (DVD)

The Korean hit is unfortunately only available on DVD in this country. But that says nothing about the quality of the horror flick. When workaholic father Seok-Woo (Yoo Gong) brings his estranged daughter Su-An (Soo-an Kim) to the train, the zombie apocalypse suddenly breaks out. The two fight for survival in a rapid journey through hell. In addition to the superficial zombie slaughter, “Train to Busan” stands out as a parable of the South Korean class society.

The Girl With all the Gifts - February 9, 2017

And another unusual zombie streak: when a fungal infection turned almost all of humanity into carnivorous infected people, the last survivors carried out inhuman experiments on infected children. These children can control their lust for meat and are therefore considered keys to healing. The horror drama asks what it really means to be human.

I Am Not a Serial Killer - February 24, 2017 (DVD)

The Irish-British indie film has unfortunately disappeared in the jumble of new releases, but the story is extremely interesting. Teenage boy John Wayne Cleaver (Max Records) is fascinated by death and suspects that one day he will become a murderer. So that he doesn't kill anyone, he has imposed strict rules on himself. But then a real serial killer is up to mischief in his tranquil hometown. Can the boy resist his impulses?

Get Out - May 4th 2017

The fewer words you say about Jordan Peele's surprise hit, the better. Suffice it to say: An Afro-American man (Daniel Kaluuya) visits the parents of his white girlfriend. Strange incidents occur that make him doubt the liberal facade of his hosts.

The best horror films of 2018

The Belko Experiment - June 15, 2017

Who wouldn't even want to really take a break from their boring office job? In “Das Belko Experiment” the fun becomes bloody serious when the employees compete against each other in a game of life and death - “Battle Royal” meets “The Office”.

It - September 21, 2017

Andrés Muschietti has shown with "Mama" that he can handle large budgets well. The remake of the iconic story by Stephen King was a complete success and was able to set new accents not only visually, but also in terms of content. That was rewarded with a second part, which will be released in 2019.

Jigsaw - October 26, 2017

Just in time for Halloween, the Saw series is back with its 8th part. When a mutilated body is found, investigators suspect the jigsaw killer is back. But that cannot be true, because he has been considered dead for ten years. But the first victim is only the beginning.

Happy Deathday - November 2nd, 2017

"Every day the Mumertier greets" meets "Scream". A young student keeps reliving her birthday, only to be slaughtered by an anonymous killer in the evening. Now she has to find out who wants to kill her and why, before she is trapped forever in the time warp. The film comes from the Blumhouse production studio, which has produced many successful films in recent years (such as “Get Out”, “The Purge” or “Insidious”).

We were disappointed with these films

Alien: Covenant - Anyone who would like to create a bit of strife among horror fans just needs to mention “Prometheus”. The unofficial sequel is no different. If you feel like playing the flute and philosophical gurgling, you can do it. We say no thanks and prefer to keep the old trilogy in positive memories.

Annabelle 2 - Just between us: “Annabelle” was a rather slack horror film that, in contrast to “Conjuring”, could hardly leave a lasting impression. Why should it be any different for the sequel?

Death Note - USA Studios has never produced a successful, let alone really good real film adaptation of popular anime. Why they can't keep their hands off the idolized originals remains a mystery. Even Netflix didn't get very far with the tired copy.

The Mummy - That the monster film remake will only be a moderate Hollywood blockbuster, some people might have already thought when viewing the trailer. Basically, the film is just an unimaginative one for Tom Cruise. You better check out the series from the 1990s with Brandon Fraser.

Horror experts step forward! Do you recognize these horror films by a picture?


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