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green branch

  • The green branch is an inclusion company. As a department of the JU * törn non-profit GmbH, there is the green-twig-ulm and the green-twig-rems. The green branch offers jobs and a home perspective for people with disabilities. The green branch is a social company in the free competition, we always offer jobs that are subject to social insurance. Inclusion in the middle of life, in the first job market, in a self-determined social space, for people with special skills, strong and proud!

  • The lockdown hits us, not all departments, but it is sensitive:

  • Gastro: the elis-palace is and will be closed until further notice. The canteen is and will remain until further notice.
  • Household-related services (household cleaning) is and will remain closed until further notice.
  • The ironing room will maintain a very limited operation. The commercial laundry will remain open, the manual ironing service will run a very limited emergency operation. Opening times until further notice: Wednesday and Friday from 7.30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • Our travel department is badly hit. Completely closed by August 2020. All buses were canceled, except for costs. A bus runs in August and September, at least. That's it again for the rest of 2020. We are preparing and very much hope for an undisturbed season in 2021, best case from Easter, worst case from early summer 2021.
  • All (other) departments are running under Corona conditions, but largely unaffected. We adhere to the corresponding Corona regulations and do our best to be of service to you as usual. We don't know any better than any of you when the departments concerned will be allowed to go back to work. We read newspapers and the corresponding, current, Corona regulations, and act accordingly.

the green branch - an inclusion company

Our non-profit company was founded from the knowledge that it is often extremely difficult for people with handicaps to (re) start working. We focus on questions of professional reorientation and the search for a job from the point of view of economic efficiency. This has been the case for 15 years, and this is how it should stay!

The green branch is now an inclusion project. An incubation company since summer 2017. The focus here is on the perspectives of young people with disabilities. We offer these young people orientation and qualifications; this is where we offer internships and jobs. In addition to orientation and qualification, we see our most important task in the creation and long-term safeguarding of jobs for people with disabilities.

We are a performance-oriented social enterprise. Every employee works to the best of his ability, always within the scope of his or her individual possibilities, in the company and for the community of the company. That is the maxim, more is not expected, less is not enough! We help each other, support each other and form a powerful and competitive team. There is no social hammock here, whoever is here is needed here, doing meaningful work that is ordered and paid for directly from within society, directly, without detours.

We understand inclusion as natural integration into normal, real life, right into society. Everyone can make an important contribution to the community. We help to look for and secure the place of everyone - permanently. We only have employment relationships that are subject to social insurance, if we have mutually decided in favor of each other, there are only open-ended contracts. We call this perspective and home!

The integration of socially marginalized groups is not the focus of our work. The focus is and remains the support and development of (young) people with disabilities. Not in the sense of short-term qualification, but in the sense of long-term inclusion, well beyond the workplace.

Anyone who feels addressed by this, as a person affected, as a supporter, or as a customer, get in touch! Ultimately, we are only successful if we have orders, have sufficient and versatile qualified employees, and can work powerfully from a strong and broad base!

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In the bakery we are switching to organic flour! For the first time, from March 2021, wheat and rye flours from organic farming. From the new harvest 2021, the spelled flours will also be available.

Our bakery is working again. We start slowly again with bread and pretzels ...

From 7.1.2021 we are allowed to take over the Mähringen village shop. For the time being, everything stays as it is, but we are renovating and expanding the retail space in the first few months of 2021. After this work has been completed, there will be an expanded range, and evening opening hours are expected from 4pm to 7pm.

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Corona, statement, or what to do now, April 12th, 2020

our bakery, now with a full range

Takeover of a nursery in Waiblingen 5-2018

Bus operation: now we have our own concession

Regional stores in Ulm, new since July 2017

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green branch ulm

founded over 15 years ago as an eV by parents and teachers of the special needs school at the Waldorf School in Ulm, with the aim of further promoting and qualifying the leaving school students, preparing them for the job market and accommodating them there. For many years this was good and more or less successful, until in 2012 a final economic crisis led to the insolvency of the eV.

On January 1, 2013, the green Zweig ulm was taken over from the bankruptcy of JU * törn gGmbH, and continued and further developed as a department, as an inclusion project. Some departments were closed (bicycle workshop, bakery, second hand shop, sewing room, carpentry and locksmith's shop, horticulture), the remaining departments: green space maintenance, ironing room, cleaning week, greatly expanded, other departments rebuilt, such as construction services, catering service and janitorial. Today we are a modern service provider with a comprehensive, sustainable program.

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green branch rems

In August 2015, JU * törn gGmbH was able to take over a small, already well-functioning, caretaker service in the Rems Valley. First of all, everyday life with tasks and employees was continued unchanged. Then the tasks were carefully expanded, people with disabilities could be hired - and so, slowly and nicely, an inclusion project came into being. The JU * törn also has the green twig rems as a department.

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Every now and then, in recent years, and also currently there is something to say about important and less important things. As always with comments and columns, expressions of opinion and statements, these are personal perspectives, personal experiences and personal importance. Everyone can decide whether he is interested.

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