How do cycling teams work

In addition to countless cycling communities and clubs, everyone has the opportunity to join one of the few, but mostly professionally managed cycling teams as a driver.

In addition to Kirchmair Cycling, we have known the very successful and rapidly growing Casa Ciclista team from ex-professional Marcel Wüst with a training base in Marcel's holiday home on Mallorca or the Alpecin team from our competitor, the Roadbike magazine, for years.

Compared to most club memberships, professionally managed cycling teams often offer the advantage of extensive training support and planning from A to Z, mental coaching, technical training, race planning and joint training camps. The number of ambitious riders in the German-speaking countries has been increasing rapidly for many years and so everyone-cycling teams are only a consistent further development of the local cycling clubs.

With his many years of experience in a Pro Continental team and also as an extremely successful everyone, the two-time Ötztal cycling marathon winner is a competent contact for all matters relating to an everyone's team. Perhaps he knows better than some professionals how we cyclist riders tick, which problems move us and how to combine cycling training and everyday life most effectively in order to be successful.

How well this works is shown by the long list of successes of his team riders, including Mona Dietl, who also won the Ötztal Cycling Marathon, which is extremely prestigious among everyone in 2013, and achieved numerous podium places in the Kirchmair Cycling team colors in 2014.

What does it cost to participate in a racing team?

Compared to membership in a club, belonging to a cycling team like Kirchmair Cycling is of course associated with more costs, as the team management offers individual services and thus works very effectively on the success of the riders. There are certainly clubs with similar offers and structures, but these are usually not realistically usable for everyone due to their geographical location. The Kirchmair Cycling team members come largely from southern Germany and Austria, but this is due to the high level of awareness of team boss Stefan Kirchmair in the Alpine region. The team is open to drivers from all over Germany and Europe.

Stefan Kirchmair offers three variants of membership in his team, which meet every requirement and are priced very differently. The services range from the professional package for 999 euros / annual fee to 599 euros for the classic team package to the friends package (299 euros) for less ambitious drivers who value joint racing events and organization by the team.

Individual training coaching

The individual training planning on a web training platform including a personal introductory talk, data upload and evaluation as well as training camp and competition planning and numerous other features will be charged extra.

Incidentally, membership in the team is not geographically restricted. Those who prefer to use the Baltic Sea coast as a training and competition environment, have declared Westphalia to be their territory or make Franconia unsafe, can of course also register with the team. The Kirchmair Cycling team will also be racing in Northern Germany in 2015 ...

Team website: Kirchmair Cycling Team