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Compliments: 6 tips + 30 successful compliments for men + women

With the right compliment, you can bring great joy to your loved ones. No matter if friends, colleagues or the great love - everyone is happy about a serious compliment. We'll show you what you need to consider for a lovable compliment and which compliments are particularly popular.

Why it is difficult for us to give and accept compliments

Why it is difficult for us to give and accept compliments

Often times, it is difficult to find the right words to tell a person how great you think they are. Sometimes the person feels offended because they misinterpreted your statement, which was meant as a compliment. It is therefore important to think carefully about the correct compliment in advance. You can compliment someone on the outside, but you can also praise a person's character. Usually it is a way of expressing one's politeness and one's sympathy for this person. However, some also dismiss it as flattery and flattery. But why do so many people find it difficult to give and accept compliments?

Why it is difficult to accept compliments:

  • You find it hard to believe compliments
  • You don't take a compliment as one
  • You are afraid of being manipulated by compliments
  • You don't want to be the center of attention

Why it's hard to give compliments:

  • You think the other person could be a narcissist
  • You can't find the right words
  • You're afraid that your compliment will make you look sexist
  • You are jealous

However, a serious compliment is often very well received and makes the recipient's day a lot nicer. If you are praised, it has a strong effect on your well-being, because the body pours out reward substances after praise. These substances are also known as opioids. Since the body then wants to have more and more compliments and reward substances, a compliment ensures that you try harder. The effect of a compliment can even be compared to the effect of synthetic drugs.

However, too many compliments can also be harmful, as it can create an addiction to approval. Even if you receive praise for a certain skill all the time, the intoxicating effects wear off over time.

This is how a good compliment succeeds

Be honest

An honest and serious compliment is probably best received by your fellow human beings. So look for something in the person that you really like and maybe even admire. If you are serious about your compliment, you won't have to try harder to get it across and you will come across as authentic. You usually reveal false compliments through your body language, for example by avoiding eye contact.

Be respectful

Respect is a very important factor when you pay a compliment. This is especially true for compliments from the opposite sex. If you slip into clichés about your compliment, it can quickly be misinterpreted and you will achieve the opposite. Compliments among colleagues can also quickly be viewed as pejorative. For example, excessive praise for completing an apparently easy activity can make the recipient feel underappreciated.

Pay attention to the right time

Pay attention to the right time for compliments

A compliment often only works in context. Therefore, you should pay attention to the right timing. The circumstances, those present, and the type of compliment also play a significant role in the effect of the compliment. A personal comment should rather not be made in the presence of a bunch of strangers. The location also affects your compliment. For a romantic compliment, you should therefore also go to a romantic place (you can find romantic sayings here). In everyday life, however, there are usually plenty of opportunities to distribute compliments.

Stay relaxed

Your compliment shouldn't seem forced, because then it doesn't seem authentic. Try to form your compliment from the moment. Compliments provided beforehand seem fake and often do not fit into the situation.

Give meaning to your compliment

Try to avoid empty phrases and tailor the compliment to a specific situation. Can you justify your compliment? If you want to praise someone for their helpfulness, you can give an example situation in which you were particularly impressed by the recipient's behavior. This also makes your compliment a lot more believable.

Be personal

In your compliment, emphasize the emotional level in particular. If you think that your counterpart is wearing a nice jacket, don't just say “Nice jacket!” But emphasize their good taste. Attentions that go back to an observation are usually very well received. For example, if your counterpart eats chocolate every day, bring them a chocolate bar. A compliment on a lovable property like dimples is also usually well received.

You should avoid that


Clichés are an absolute no-go when it comes to compliments. This is especially true in relation to the opposite sex. This happens especially when the woman is reduced to her feminine attributes and the man is portrayed as the protector. However, clichés can also play a role in other things, for example in the case of professional groups. Especially women in the executive suite have to do with clichés. However, you should definitely leave them out of your compliments.


When formulating your compliment, you should be careful that it cannot be interpreted ambiguously. Often times, a compliment can come across as disguised insult and criticism. However, it is usually not possible to completely free a statement from ambiguity. Then it depends on the recipient's self-worth and self-confidence how he or she interprets the compliment.


Your compliment should never be exaggerated to remain believable. Your fellow human beings will often accept compliments that are not to be taken that seriously, but a sincere argument sounds a lot better. So try to avoid exaggeration and rather focus on tailoring your compliment personally to the recipient.

Who to compliment

Compliments to men

Men often receive compliments much less often than women, but they too are happy about a nice word. In addition, men very often receive appreciation for material goods such as their car or house. Therefore, when you give a good compliment to a man, you should be positive about his actions and accomplishments. In a relationship, too, compliments can keep a man happy, especially if you refer to his sexual prowess. Men also love the superlative. Even if being overweight makes the compliment seem more implausible, men like to hear that they are the greatest.

Compliments in everyday life

You make the best coffee in the world.

You can fix anything.

I think it's impressive that you go jogging every morning.

I am happy that you are taking extra time for me.

I am really excited about how well you can cook.

It's so nice how you care for me when I come home after a long day.

You look really hot today.

Compliments on personality

I can trust you completely.

I just feel good with you.

I'm proud of you.

I admire how hard you work towards your goals.

You are a really great friend because you are always there for me.

You are my biggest luck.

You are really good at listening.

You were right. I was just thinking the wrong way.

Compliments to women

Compliments are real icebreakers. Therefore, if you want to start a conversation with a woman and maybe even flirt with her, it helps to start with a compliment. However, it is often difficult to find a suitable compliment for the woman and to find the right moment to convince the woman of your appreciation. It is therefore best when you are alone. If the woman is unsure how to react to your compliment, you can also close it off with a question to take the main focus off your compliment.

Compliments in everyday life

You are really a power woman. I am impressed with how you master everything.

You look just gorgeous in that dress.

Your smile is lovely. What makes you so happy

You are most beautiful right after getting up.

You can be really fun with you. You're sure to go down well with your style everywhere, right?

Your hair is really beautiful.

It's really cool how well you know about football.

Compliments on personality

With your kind you always put a smile on my face.

You make me a better man

It's really great how you can motivate others.

Your quick-wittedness is really exceptional. I like that.

You really are a confident woman. You are definitely a role model for many other women.

You are always here for me.

I like women who know what they want. I feel like you are such a woman.

Where to give compliments

Compliments on the relationship

Especially at the beginning of a relationship, lovers do not save by pleasing each other with compliments. You can use them to show your affection for your partner. This not only increases the partner's self-esteem, but also your love for them.

Compliments at work

Compliments at work

Compliments can also have a motivating effect on employees in professional life. According to management consultancy McKinsey, non-financial factors in particular have an impact on employee performance. Right at the front are compliments from management. In contrast to compliments and praise, financial incentives only play a subordinate role.

However, compliments in the workplace can also quickly get wrong. Compliments on outward appearances as well as clichéd sayings can quickly turn into the opposite. Try to remain objective and emphasize above all technical skills. When it comes to the distribution of tasks, role stereotypes can quickly become important, for example when women are limited to their diligence and organizational talent and men are said to have assertiveness and leadership skills.

Example: Your work is always at the highest level.

It's nice that you can be relied on.

Tip: Your boss is also happy to receive one or two serious compliments on his leadership style. But be careful that your appreciation doesn't come across as if you are curious about yourself.

Compliments in upbringing

In parenting, compliments are viewed with mixed feelings. On the one hand, it is important to value the child's performance in order to keep them motivated; on the other hand, too much praise can lead to arrogance. At best, one should be careful that the parents do not praise the children for no reason, because this is how the children begin to overestimate their achievements.

For example, if the child is involved in competitive sport, average performance as a parent should be valued, but not praised too much. Otherwise the child will lose touch with reality and will not develop a healthy self-image.

Compliments among strangers

Why don't you tell a stranger more often if you like something about them, such as their hairstyle, clothes or behavior? In most cases, even strangers are happy to receive a serious compliment. And the recipient can be sure that it is meant seriously. After all, there is no advantage for the complimenting party from appreciating the stranger. Plus, handing out compliments not only makes the recipient's day friendlier, but also makes you happy.

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