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AMD Ryzen: With these 5 tips you can increase gaming performance


AMD's Ryzen chips promise Intel-like performance at a significantly lower price. But gamers are disappointed with the new CPU. The CPU weakens, especially when gaming under Windows 10. It doesn't have to be! With these tuning tips you can get more performance out of the AMD Ryzen chip.

AMD is back with the new Ryzen CPUs. The chip manufacturer wants to really heat up competitor Intel with the new processors. Ryzen promises top performance at a fraction of the Intel price. The first chips in the series have been available in stores since the beginning of March, but the feedback has been mixed.

The complaints are increasing, especially among gamers. So the performance in many games falls short of expectations. Some users want to have identified the new Microsoft OS Windows 10 as the cause. The CPU runs significantly faster under Windows 7, as is often read.

AMD itself has commented on the allegations several times. The chip manufacturer denies the allegations and blames the problems with incorrect Windows settings and the lack of optimization of current blockbuster games on Ryzen.

Are you also dissatisfied with the performance of your AMD Ryzen CPU? Then maybe the following five tuning tips will help you. If you found the tip helpful, you can rate it positively using the green arrow; if it was not helpful, click on the red arrow.

This is how you tune your AMD Ryzen CPU

Turn off the SMT

Thanks to Simultaneous Multi-threading (SMT), the AMD Ryzen CPU is able to execute several threads at the same time. This should actually lead to better performance, but SMT is currently causing performance drops in some games.

According to AMD, SMT should have no or, if so, a positive effect on game performance. But for this, the game has to be specially optimized for the new Ryzen chip, which is currently only the case with a few titles. If you notice an inexplicable drop in performance while gaming, you can deactivate SMT as a test and check whether the game performance improves. Benchmarks are circulating online that promise a performance increase of up to 10 percent for some titles.

Change Windows 10 power plan to "High Performance"

There are numerous reports on the Internet that the new AMD processor under Windows 7 offers better performance than in connection with the new Windows 10 operating system. AMD denies these reports, but gives tips on how to improve the performance under Windows 10.

Update BIOS / UEFI

The AMD Ryzen CPUs are new. Not every motherboard can handle them right away or can make use of all of the features.

AMD is working with various motherboard manufacturers to improve compatibility with the new processors. The chip manufacturer therefore recommends updating the BIOS or UEFI of the mainboard first for a performance boost.

Deactivate HPET

The High Precision Event Timer (HPET) is a high-precision timer that helps to synchronize parallel data streams.

According to AMD, the HPET can reduce the performance of the Ryzen CPUs. It is therefore advisable to switch it off. Enter the command "bcdedit / set useplatformclock false" in the Windows command line.

Do you have a tuning tip for the new AMD CPU that we haven't listed here yet? Then write it to us as a comment under this article and let other readers participate in it.

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