Can You Do Marketing With A Psychology Degree

Job profile: business psychologist

Business psychologists combine business with psychology. They usually work for their employer in the areas of human resources or marketing. Business psychologists examine behavioral patterns of consumers and companies and derive instructions for action from them. The path to work leads through a university degree. The admission requirements vary from university to university, but are usually very high.

Business psychologist profession

Psychology and economics - do they go together? Yes, that fits. Both sciences converge in the discipline of business psychology, which is considered a branch of applied psychology. In their studies, prospective business psychologists scrutinize not only economic contexts but also excerpts from psychology.

Select application area:

In their day-to-day work, they relate content from psychology to processes in business. People and their behavior are observed and analyzed in relation to their work environment. Consequences are derived from the corresponding results. There are two classic areas of application for this know-how. On the one hand the area of ​​human resource management and on the other hand that of marketing.

Promote teams:

In human resources, they take care of the aspects of diversity management, internationalization and intercultural cooperation. In this context, they develop concepts so that international teams can work together smoothly despite cultural differences.

Select applicant:

The trained experts in business psychology also support companies in the selection of applicants. In preliminary discussions, they decide whether the candidate is the right one for the job.

Coach employees:

In the area of ​​in-company training, they organize training and coaching for a company's employees. Or they further develop existing training measures and incorporate new forms of learning such as social learning or online courses. They also work on concepts that improve working conditions in a company.

Drive marketing forward:

In marketing, business psychologists deal with topics such as market research, strategic marketing, advertising, consumer analysis or the analysis of buying behavior. The aim is to put the products and offers of your own bread roll supplier in the right light vis-à-vis the intended target group and to set purchase or consumption incentives.

Research and Teach:

In addition, the academics who have studied business psychology can also work in research and teaching at universities.

Business psychologist skills

Business psychologists who work out the following strengths, hard and soft skills in their application documents in their cover letter and résumé have a good chance of an application being successful:

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Business Psychologist Salary

Business psychologists earn an average of around 4,500 euros gross per month. They usually enter the profession between 3,000 and 3,500 euros. With increasing professional experience, you can increase your gross salary to over 5,000 euros per month. The level of income always depends on the location, industry and size of the employer - and on the managerial responsibility and the precise tasks in the company. In principle, the salary scale for business psychologists is open at the top.

Become a business psychologist

The course in business psychology is interdisciplinary. The courses of study at many universities provide for a numerus clausus, sometimes also for passing an entrance test and an English test. The full-time Bachelor course usually lasts six semesters, the Master course another four semesters. Business psychology can also be studied via distance learning, part-time studies or dual studies.

Study content

The business psychology course combines business and psychological content. Legal content, foreign language lessons, practical phases and internships in the private sector are also sometimes integrated. Some universities also offer semesters abroad. The curricula vary from university to university.

The major areas of study in business psychology include:

  • Market and consumer psychology
  • Advertising and sales
  • Organizational diagnostics and development
  • Leadership in organizations
  • Promotion of entrepreneurial potential
  • Personnel selection, assessment and development
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • public relations
  • Basics in business administration
  • Basics in law

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Business Psychology Jobs

Business psychologists work primarily in marketing and human resources. But they also have the best entry opportunities in other, related sectors such as personnel or management consulting due to their wide-ranging knowledge. They are mainly in demand from larger companies, for example from the automotive or aerospace industries.

There are vacancies for business psychologists in particular at:

  • Industrial companies
  • Management consultancies
  • Personnel consulting and headhunting agencies
  • Communication and advertising agencies
  • Market and opinion research
  • Research and Teaching

In addition, business psychologists can work independently as freelancers, for example as a freelance consultant or coach.

Business psychologist career

The career paths of business psychologists are extremely different due to their diverse application possibilities. Even students should therefore try to find and set their own priorities during their studies that are particularly convenient and fun for them. Anyone who specializes in certain subject areas has already laid the basis for a later career. Because he can gradually build on this and, for example, embark on a career as an expert.

It's also worth itto look beyond the areas of personnel and marketing during your studies. Because the competition is very big here and business psychologists will be more successful if they open up their own niche for themselves and do not venture into an overcrowded area.

So it's about sharpening your personal profile as much as possible and as early as possible. If you find exotic areas interesting and focus your thesis on them, you can sell yourself as a dedicated expert in a specialty when starting your career.

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Business psychologists career prospects

The outlook for business psychologists is good. Studying business psychology initially enables students to broaden their horizons. You have knowledge that many companies can use today.

Many companies are currently employing them the trends globalization and digitization. Business psychologists also offer points of contact with topics such as diversity management, corporate social responsibility or change management. In addition, there is internationalization, intercultural cooperation or technical topics such as usability. Here, companies often need support and in-depth expertise. Business psychologists can offer them to them.

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