What were Anubis powers

Seth - Egyptian god of strength

The Egyptian god Seth is probably one of the most interesting gods in Egypt. His character is dodgy, his career turbulent. Presumably the attitude of the ancient Egyptians towards him was not clearly established.

To do justice to the various aspects of his being, three additional chapters have been written. They are also intended to provide a better overview:

Seth was represented by an animal whose origin is still unclear today. Another representation shows him in human form with the head of this animal. It cannot be clearly assigned to any animal species.

Its slim body resembles that of a greyhound. Its muzzle is elongated and slightly curved downwards. Its elongated and square-clipped ears stand upright, as does its tail, which resembles an arrowhead and points straight up.

This animal must have died out relatively early. The ancient Egyptians also had different interpretations, but none of them seemed certain.

The set animal can be seen on hunting pictures (Middle Kingdom). His name is Scha, his home is the desert.

Other animals were later assigned to Seth, but only subordinately. The donkey is still most closely associated with Seth. Furthermore: the antelope, gazelle, crocodile, hippopotamus and pig. The common feature of these animals is that they were not held in high esteem by the Egyptians. The pig, for example, was considered unclean and was not allowed to be brought near the temple. The donkey struggled as a pack animal.

Most of the texts that describe Seth today portray him as an evil god. He was increasingly hostile and pushed away by the ancient Egyptians. We will move on to a somewhat less valued view below.

What is certain, however, is that Seth remains indeterminate in a certain way. That can be explained by its nature. Frequent epithets describe him as a strong god, "great in strength".

Its power is discharged in combat and in the forces of nature: "Seth is raging". His power is not only shown "physically", but he is considered to be someone who is rich in magic.

Seth was equated with Typhon (or Apophis), with the terrible power and the terrible roar. His violence continued to be invoked to destroy. He was asked to "act against right and wrong". Seth is a god who rises up again despite all the violence directed against him. He cannot be killed.

To change an existing order, it must be destroyed. Seth stands for that too. So he is called to act outside of right and wrong.

Laws have to change, orders have to be restructured in order to be adapted to the changed living conditions of the people.

Therefore, Seth will never die, for he is also as chaotic and destructive force necessary for the continued existence of the world.