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The moral philosophy of Nietzsche with special consideration of the Aristotelian virtue ethics

Haumann, Aldo Peer (2016) The moral philosophy of Nietzsche with special consideration of the Aristotelian virtue ethics.
Master thesis, University of Vienna. Faculty of Philosophy and Education
Supervisor: Kallhoff, Angela

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Abstract in German

Friedrich Nietzsche's moral philosophy has always been subject to lively criticism been. The starting point of this work is to be emphasized Criticism of his supposedly self-centered, selfish morality, which in the assumption leads to the fact that his ethical views can be attributed to amoralism, according to which Nietzsche seems to reject any moral responsibility. This work aims to investigate whether this criticism is correct. This happens under special Consideration of the virtue ethics of Aristotle, which makes it possible To look at Nietzsche's philosophy from a very special ethical perspective. Moral philosophy emerges through this confrontation with the Aristotelian virtue ethics Nietzsches analyzed. With the help of a systematic comparison commonalities and differences of both approaches worked out become. This analysis is intended to shed light on the scope of moral philosophy Give Nietzsche's from the point of view of virtue ethics.

Keywords in German

Nietzsche / Aristotle / virtue ethics / superman

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