Will taxes be delayed in 2020?


In addition to bridging aid II, so-called November / December aid can be applied for. The directly affected companies, self-employed persons, companies, associations and institutions whose operations have been temporarily closed since the lockdown in November 2020 are eligible to apply. Affiliated companies are entitled to apply if more than 80 percent of the group-wide total turnover is attributable to directly / indirectly affected companies. Companies affected indirectly are eligible to apply if they regularly generate 80 percent of their sales with directly affected companies. The same applies to those indirectly affected, i.e. companies that regularly generate 80 percent of their sales through third parties on behalf of companies that are directly affected by the measures.

The weekly grants for the closings amount to 75 percent of the average weekly sales for the same month of the previous year. Instead, self-employed people can use the average weekly turnover for the same month of the previous year as a basis. Companies founded after October 2019 can choose between the average weekly turnover in October 2020 or the average weekly turnover since foundation. Grants that exceed 1 million euros require the approval of the EU Commission. Other similar benefits for the funding period, such as the bridging allowance or short-time work allowance, are taken into account. If a company generates sales despite the closure, these are not taken into account up to an amount of 25 percent of the comparable sales. Any additional sales are taken into account in order to prevent funding over 100 percent of the comparable sales.

For restaurants, the sales reimbursement is limited to 75 percent of the comparable sales with the full VAT rate. For example, out-of-home sales with a reduced VAT rate are already deducted in the comparison period. In return, however, the current out-of-home sales during the closings are excluded from the sales offset in order to favor an expansion of this business.

The application is usually made exclusively by the tax advisor, auditor or lawyer. Individual self-employed persons up to a maximum funding rate of 5,000 euros who meet special identification requirements are eligible to apply directly.